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F.C. Walker Joins the Costume Hall of Fame!

F.C. Walker and Lil

We’d like to give a big round of applause to F.C. Walker and Lil’ Skipper – the newest members of our Costume Hall of Fame!

F.C. Walker and Lil’ Skipper currently live in France, and they love to dress in pirate costumes!

In his email, F.C. Walker writes:

Hello to the good people of My Disguises! Please forgive my English as it is not my native language. I love your blog and we want to be in your Hall of Fame! My assistant is Lil Skipper and we greatly enjoy being pirates as pretend costuming.

I am a humble carpenter. in my spare time I like to play with Lil Skipper. We use our imagination to have fun!

Thank you for your consideration into your Hall of Fame. We will enjoy to see ourselves on your blog.

F.C. Walker and Lil Skipper
Lyon, France

F.C. Walker and Lil

F.C. Walker and Lil

F.C. Walker and Lil

F.C. Walker and Lil

F.C. Walker and Lil


Thanks for the great photos, and welcome to the MyDisguises Costume Hall of Fame!

And remember folks – joining the Hall of Fame is fun and easy! All you need to do is send us a photo of you in costume, holding a sign (or sheet of paper) that says Hi to MyDisguises. We’ll be glad to post your costume photos and promote your website or blog. For more information, Click Here.

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Star Wars: The Concert


Well, it ain’t exactly Bill Murray singing “Star Wars” as Nick Winters on SNL, but maybe the new “Star Wars in Concert” will be just as entertaining.

The concert will feature a symphony orchestra and choir performing John Williams’ music from the six “Star Wars” films. C-3P0 actor, Anthony daniels will narrate the performance live and movie footage will be displayed on a three-story-tall high-definition screen, synchronized to the live music.

“Star Wars in Concert” will kick off its first tour at the Honda Center in Aanaheim, California on October 1st and then travel to several North American cities before going global.

I wonder if Bill Murray will put in an appearance?



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From Aliens to Antiques: Huge Prop Auction Scheduled


If you’re an amateur film maker, want to start your own prop business or simply want to get your hands on some really cool props, now’s your chance.

20th century props, the largest prop house under one roof, is closing its doors after 40 years of business. Founder and owner Harvey Schwartz made the decision to close the company after suffering 12 consecutive months of losses arising from the recession as well as the Screen Actors Guild labor dispute.

You’re sure to find lots of treasures among the warehouse’s 200,000 square feet of over 91,000 pieces.

A public auction will be held on-site and by webcast from July 28-Aug. 1, starting at 9:30 a.m. each day.

So get your wallets out and start bidding on everything from aliens to antiques…here’s a cool video of some of the great items up for grabs. I think I want the Austen Powers escape pod, for starters.

[via Original Prop Blog]

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Announcing the MyDisguises Costume Hall of Fame!

Courtney Combs

What a great picture!!

We’re pleased to announce the new MyDisguises Costume Hall of Fame! We thought it would be fun to highlight our costume-loving readers from around the world. To join the Hall of Fame, simply submit a photo of yourself in costume, holding a sheet of paper that says Hi or Hello to us!

Send your photo(s) and a short description of yourself, including links to your website and blog to

Courtney CoombsOur first honored and esteemed member of the Hall of Fame is Courtney Coombs!

Courtney Coombs

Location: Perth, Western Australia
Blog: Eccentric-The Blog Of Courtney Coombs
Website: Pyro-the-Maniac (DeviantArt)

Courtney Coombs

Courtney has a ton of great costumes in her Photo Gallery. She makes a great Batgirl, Asajj Ventress, Zatanna and Riddler just to name a few. We’re honored to have her as a reader, commentor, contributer — and now the first member in our Costume Hall of Fame!


Courtney Coombs

Courtney Coombs

Courtney Coombs

Courtney Coombs

Well done, Courtney! You look lovely and the costumes are FANTASTIC!!

Welcome to the Costume Hall of Fame!

Hall of Fame

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Official Transformers Costume Contest

Transformers Costume Contest

Want to win a trip to the red-carpet Hollywood premier of Transformers 2? Win the costume contest!

It’s true. Paramount Pictures and Entertainment Tonight have announced an official Transformers costume contest. You must submit a photo of your costume at on April 29th – that’s today!

Full details at Good luck!

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Morena Baccarin to Star in New “V” Series

Morena Baccarin

Great news for V fans – Morena Baccarin has been tapped to play the leader of the aliens in the new series! I think she’ll be perfect for the role.

Morena Baccarin shot to fame as the space companion Inara on Firefly, and she had a popular reoccuring role on Stargate: Atlantis as the god-like Adria. She was rumored to play Wonder Woman a couple of years ago, before WB shelved the project.

And now we get to see her eat rodents as a sexy lizard in disguise! What could be better than that?

[via HitFix]

Morena Baccarin

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New Sexy Superhero Costumes

Sexy New Superhero Costumes

Yowsers! The new Marvel and DC sexy superhero costumes are SMOKING hot!

Costume Craze just released a first look at their new line of sexy superheroes. They have a bunch of nice pictures on their blog.


Very nice! To view all the costumes, visit the Costume Craze Blog.

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TCG’s Mardi Gras Mask Contest

Mardi Gras Mask Contest

ThatCostumeGirl has announced a new costume contest on her blog. This time, it’s a Mardi Gras Mask Contest!

So make a mask, and send her a photo of you wearing the mask.

Here are a few of her rules:

  • • Email a picture of you wearing your mask to Pictures should be no larger than 800 x 800 pixels in JPEG format.
  • • Entries must be received by February 21, 2009.
  • • Two winners will be selected on or about Mardi Gras, February 24, 2009.
  • • Please no professional mask artists. If you are a professional mask maker, you may submit a picture of your work and a link to your store but you will not be eligible for a prize.
  • • Prize packages include a 2009 Cloisonné Endymion medallion.

Be sure to visit ThatCostumeGirl for more info. She provides additional mask making tips to help get you started.

Good luck!

[via ThatCostumeGirl]

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