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Sassy Ghostbusters Costumes

Gordon Holmes has come up with some great ideas for alternative sexy Ghostbuster costumes.


Sassy Terror Dog Costume



Sassy Louis Tully Costume



Sassy Stay Puft Marshmallow


As Jen on Epbot points out, someone has already done a great Stay Puft Girl.


I wonder if Gordon has seen the Ghostbuster cheerleaders.

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Record-breaking Gathering of Supermen

Burning Man Superman group

Clark Kents of all shapes and sizes came together at Burning Man this year in an attempt to break the world record for Most People Dressed as Superman.

Burning Man Superman group 2

Burning Man Superman group 3

I have yet to see the official photos but youtube user carltonmickle caught some of the fun on film.

You can see how my boyfriend and I put together our full costumes for less than $10 over on my blog.

Road Trip 2010 658

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8-Bit Gary video

Manny posted about this great costume last week and now you can see it in action!


According to Design Taxi, Kiel Johnson and Klai Brown created the incredible low-res costume for this Toshiba comercial using cardboard and over 3,000 foam cubes.

You can see some great photos of the costume being built here.

via Neatorama

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Stormtroopers on the subway

Improv Everywhere does it again! This time they take Star Wars to the subway.


I wish my commute to work was this much fun.

via Color Me Katie

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Low-res Cosplay


This is awesome. Just think of all the retro video game characters you could do this way!

via & Super Punch

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According to Wikipedia, “Wave-Gotik-Treffen is an annual world festival for dark music and arts in Leipzig, Germany…With 18,000 to 20,000 regular attendants, the WGT is one of the largest events of the Goth-, Cybergoth-, and Rivethead- subcultures worldwide”


So many incredible outfits all in one place!


Be sure to check out the rest of Sebastian Willnow’s photogallery via The Star Phoenix.


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Selena Gunnheild Steampunk costume

This is such an incredible steampunk costume!


I can’t get over how awesome the mask is!


Check out the rest of the photos on

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Laputa Robot Cosplay


This robot costume looks incredible!  It’s a shame that it doesn’t move very well, but its maker, known as Alice and the Queen and LadyBeth, still deserves a ton of praise for a job well done.


Laputa Robot Cosplay

via Costopia

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