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Costume Get! puts Gaming Costumes Front and Center


Obviously we like any new take on costumes and the fun associated. Earlier on we reviewed Project Rooftop, our totally favorite superhero costume blog. Dean Trippe really has the system down, and his work is fantastic.

Well, this time we’re moving over to gaming with a unique blog. Costume Get! is utterly devoted to the pixelated masterpieces found in popular video games. Important? Well seeing as how video games often inspire a lot of cosplay and real life costumes, it’s not hard to wonder why the blog is great.

Last year we saw the Big Daddy and Little Sister take the gaming world by storm with their iconic images. Just a week ago we saw the look alike Nico Bellic pop up and get tons of hits. With so many gamers out there, and so much costume love, this blog is well worth the time and effort.

Blogger Wataru Maruyama is no newbie to the trade and has been in the video game industry for years. He doesn’t mess around either. The requirements for being under consideration on Costume Get! are specific:

Philosophy and rules:
1) The ideal costume looks cool, but also has a soul.
2) Overall aesthetics of the game also come into play.
3) A great costume can make a good game great or a bad game warrant a rental.
4) Unlockable outfits must be worth the trouble of obtaining it and playing through the game multiple times.
5) There will be a little to no live action cosplay coverage.

Well he’s not convinced on covering cosplay, but hey there’s some great inspiration at hand.

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The Costume Institute Explores Superheroes – Hosts Celebrity Gala

I don’t think most people need further proof that geek culture is really sheik these days. However, for those of you who do, I’d take a look at any fashion magazine or blog today.

On Monday night, big named celebrities sardined packed themselves into the Met’s Costume Institute Gala to get a glimpse of the new designer exhibit to go up at the Institute. For those not in the NYC know, it’s called “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy”. That’s right, the world of high fashion has jumped on the Super Hero spaceship and is making a contribution. Who would have thought?

The attendance of Tinsel Town A-listers was high, and so was the paparazzi. Although none seemed to come in mask and cape, there were some “costume-esque” getups sported by a few celebs. Maybe some of them are superheroes in disguise? I have my suspicions. Check out the most extensive fashion coverage at PopSugar.

Our interest centers back on the actual exhibit, of which is likely to not be so fantastic without seeing it in person. We found this YouTube friendly exhibit, but if you want something more high quality check out this link.

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Trailer 2 For “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” Released

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

Buzz is everywhere for summer blockbuster movies, and since the season is just beginning the stream should be steady.

Amidst that, a second trailer for Steven Spielberg’s new installment in the Indiana Jones series has just been turned loose and is already getting people pumped. Here’s the high quality version from the site.

So it’s not surprise that everyone is uncaging their retrolust for this movie. However, we have seen some IP rehashes that were less than what was expected. Indiana Jones movies have always been the perfect mix of fun, humor, action, adventure, and cheesy romance. We’ll see this time around if Spielberg still has it. As for me, I’m not getting psyched and overshooting my expectations.

How do you think this one will turn out. Leave some thoughts in the comments section.

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GTA4 Fans Find Nico Bellic IRL!

It’s one thing when you dress up and find yourself imitating a costume for fun. It’s a whole other thing when your every day clothing seems to dictate your favorite alternate reality. This guy better watch out.

Nico Bellic look-alike from GTA4 [via]

Nico Bellic Look Alike

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The Heather Gold Show on Steampunk at Maker Faire

Heather Gold

With Maker Faire only hours away, news is pouring in as to what we should expect. This time, they’ve got something planned for the steampunk fans.

Comedian and self-proclaimed geek Heather Gold is broadcasting a live show from Maker with a panel of steampunk senseis that are sure to answer your questions and get you thinking about the forward progress of steampunk DIY.

Steampunk tinkerer and master of The Steampunk Workshop, Jake Von Slatt, will be in attendance. Heather will also be discussing matters with Steampunk Magazine editor and purveyor of authentic steampunk fashion Libby Bulloff as well as Abney Park lead vocalist Captain Robert.

The agenda is to dig deeper into steampunk culture, address the emergence factor, discuss it’s place in modern pop culture, and get down to the nitty gritty of this cultural disguise that is capturing more and more.

The panel will be at 4:00 p.m. at Maker Faire, and Abney Park will be playing the event. If you have golden tickets, bring us back some videos!

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Jing, Photography, Costumes, Culture, and Superhyperreal

More and more, this becomes. Art meshes with fashion, fashion partakes in fantasy, fantasy masks imagery, and masks hide monotony. The costume stands in as a qualifier of culture and life.

jing’s artwork describes this most efficiently.

via the artist’s site:

jing’s SUPERHYPERREAL world is full of people infused with visceral, unsentimental, in-your-face attitudes!

With shiny-eyed optimism and close interaction with everyday people,

jing combines his eye for subtle gestures and expressions with a tropical color palette and the classical formality of the tableau,

instilling the colorful character of his subjects in his images.

Utilizing a healthy dose of kitsch and humor to disarm viewers’ expectations,

jĭng explores the social instinct of people to form communities and identities,

and questions our tendency to define characters and cultural stereotypes.

jing’s appreciation of cultural references and authentic environments, coupled with strong conceptual direction,

help to create contemporary fictions, alternate realities and mythologies in our urban social narratives.

Peek in the gallery to get a closer look at jing’s depiction of culture through movement, apparel, and color as perceived by society. Head over to the main site for a closer look at the merging of art with costume by jing.


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Prepping for the Maker Faire — Official Schedules Released

Maker Faire

Oh man, oh man, oh man! The Maker Faire is upon us very soon and we have every reason to latch on like a fly to his favorite flourescent. Infos have been peeping out the Interpipes for at least a few days now and we’re getting a better grasp of what to expect. In fact, a schedule has been whipped up courtesy the Maker site that will tickle your geek fancy:


Boiler Bar Stage
Jon Sarriugarte’s Boiler Bar Theater Presents
Craft Demos
• Soft Circuit Embroidery • How to Make Your Own Shoes…the Easy Way! • Make Your Own Free Range Mini-Monsters • Finger Puppets Who Wish To Not Die • Making Jewelry • Felt Faux Fruit • Create Ribbon Straw Flowers on Vintage Flower Looms • The DIY Bride: Quick & Easy Wedding Projects for Any Budget • Fashioning Technology: DIY Style • Pops! Icy Treats for Everyone • Guerilla Pattern Drafting • Create Your Own Photo Flip Book • Photojojo DIY Photo Blocks
Festival Stage
• EepyBird
Lion Brand Booth
• Lion Brand Yarn Unique Activities

Click through to see more!

Continue reading

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Oh Yeah, MyDisguises has a Social Network

Ning… does that word ring sweet in your ear? It should. We’ve become closer to Ning than Joan Rivers to a plastic surgeon.

Ning is a site that lets you set up a social network, and that’s just what we did. We figure that it’s not enough to just have our site bursting with articles, but we need a place for people to talk, share, and make a name for themselves. MyDiguises’ new social network will do just that. What can you do?  Well for example:

  • Profiles – Make a page for yourself that identifies you as a real costume buff.
  • RSS Feeds – Our blog feeds directly over to NING and will be there for you to read as it updates.
  • Events – As we find great events going on, we’ll post em up there and you can know everything that’s going on exactly as it happens.
  • Personal Blogs – Did you have a great costume you made? Any classic stories? Yeah, blog em for us.
  • Photo Contributions – What’s a costume site without photos??! We believe in the “Pictures, or it didn’t happen” philosophy.
  •  Forums and Groups – Link up with people, become a thought leader, be famous, tell all your friends, they’re already jealous.
  • Share Videos – Like pictures, but they move all around and have sound!

So basically, you get the idea. Get on the network! Have fun. It will be the best and only community that will let you unleash your passion for costumes on all levels!

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