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Zombie Poodle!

Woah, it’s a zombie Poodle! LOL, I wasn’t planning on posting more Poodle fashion this season, but this is just too cool. The only thing missing? Maybe some fake blood around its mouth. What a funny idea. [Daily Dawdle via … Continue reading

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Poodle Costume for Dobermans

Aww, what a cute, fluffy little Doberman! These Poodle costumes for Dobermans are a joke, to protest the bad rap Dobermans get in the media. Funny idea! These disguise kits are a response to Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). BSL effects … Continue reading

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Halloween Poodle

Things that make you go, “hmmm.” Spooky poodle : A trimmer cuts the poodle with a halloween theme during the dog beauty competition in the FCI Japan International Dog Show 2010 in Tokyo. [via Yahoo News]

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Creative Grooming Transforms Poodles

Oh dear. Here’s a look at some “creative grooming” that transforms poodles into pandas, pirates, buffalo, horses, and… football players? LOL, we’ve talked about poodle grooming before, but I hadn’t seen these particular photos until now. This is crazy! Thanks … Continue reading

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Poodle Masquerade

Just because poodles have a lot of pouffy fur that can be sculpted into various fashionable tufts, doesn’t mean that would-be artists–or frou-frou owners–should take creative license with said fur. I mean, just look at these pathetic poodles, would ya? … Continue reading

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Woman Walks Dog in Abominable Snowman Costume

A Wisconsin woman is spreading cheer and smiles… by walking her Poodle in an awesome Abominable Snowman costume! She’s dressed as Bumble from the classic stop-motion special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. She looks straight out of Misfits Island, how funny! … Continue reading

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Dog Dressed as My Little Pony

As much as I love costumes, I can’t help but feel a little sorry for this Poodle. Ha, he makes a great Rainbow Dash, though! This was posted by Rileah on Instagram. Based on her hashtags, I’m pretty sure this … Continue reading

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Dogs Dressed in Napoleon Costumes

The creative group Carmichael Lynch put together a nice gallery of dogs dressed as Napoleon. Cute pups that are small in stature, but big in heart — just like Napoleon himself. Why did they post this? you might ask. Apparently, … Continue reading

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