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Courtney Coombs goes to Wai-Con 2012

The esteemed Courtney Coombs went to Wai-Con 2012 last weekend, and she shares some great photos. This is a big convention in Perth, Western Australia, where Courtney lives when she’s not flying around the world fighting crime. Courtney made two … Continue reading

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Sunflower Shorts by Courtney Coombs

Check out these cute Sunflower Shorts! Made and modeled by the ever-fashionable Courtney Coombs. What a creative idea, they look quite lovely. Courtney made these sunflower shorts out of a box of scraps. I got a kick out of the … Continue reading

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Courtney Coombs’ Doctor Who Dress Made from Bed Sheet

Here’s a cute Doctor Who dress made by Australia’s very own Courtney Coombs. She made this out of a bed sheet, what a clever gal! It’s a beautiful dress, and don’t you just love her red Converse sneakers? I haven’t … Continue reading

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Courtney Coombs Visits Supanova 2010

Courtney Coombs, our loyal and esteemed MD reader, sent me a bunch of photos of her recent visit to Supanova 2010 in Perth, Australia. You may remember Courtney from her famous The Stig costume at a Top Gear show. Courtney … Continue reading

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Halloween in Perth, Australia

Long time MD commenter and pal Courtney Coombs dropped me a note about her Halloween in Perth, Australia. Apparently the holiday is becoming much more popular there. That’s great to hear! Courtney wore two costumes over for Halloween. She made … Continue reading

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Awesome Lady Ozymandias Costume

Here’s an awesome Lady Ozymandias costume, made and modeled by costume designer Courtney Coombs. I’m glad to see Courtney is still making new costumes, she’s really talented. This Watchmen costume was for a superhero party she attended. Sounds like blast. … Continue reading

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Awesome Lady Loki Costume

Check out this amazing Lady Loki costume, made and modeled by the talented Courtney Coombs. I haven’t posted one of Courtney’s costumes in a while, as she’s been busy with costume design school. But she had time to make this … Continue reading

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Awesome DIY Venom Costume

I’m pleased to post the latest costume by Courtney Coombs — a gorgeous Venom costume! Courtney’s been a long time commenter here at MyDisguises, and I’ve posted her costumes many times in the past. It’s always a pleasure, she does … Continue reading

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