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Super Horse will Save the Day

You may be saying to yourself, “Look, up in the sky! Is that Superman?”

Neigh, my friends, it is Super Horse! Protecting four-legged folk from the forces of evil, making the countryside a stable place.

[unlikelyseamstress via Neatorama]

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This Cosplay is both Funny and Sad

This is some terribly sad cosplay, and yet I laughed out loud. Now I feel like a monster. It’s a very creative costume idea, but what about Batman’s feelings? Sorry, Bruce.


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Dog Wears Costume of Shame

Well, what do we have here? After too many messes on the carpet, this poor dog was given a Costume of Shame. LOL, well at least he’s in good company. I didn’t realize this costume was so popular!

[via Reddit]

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Officially Licensed Deadpool Halloween Costume

I just learned about a new Deadpool costume, officially licensed by Marvel for Halloween! I had no idea that Deadpool was getting his own commercial costume… does this mean a movie is coming? I sure hope so.

The costume is currently listed in size XL only, and can be yours for less than 50 dollars.

[via Costume Craze]

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Real Ducks Recreate DuckTales Opening Theme Song

Watch these ducks wear fancy hats, and recreate the opening theme to Disney’s DuckTales. It’s a great tribute to the popular animated show that ran in the late 1980’s.

This was made by Oh My Disney, who carefully shot it scene for scene. You can compare it to the original, below. Adorable!

[Oh My Disney via Neatorama]

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Finely Dressed Sheep Spotted in Moscow

This finely dressed sheep was spotted outside a restaurant in Moscow. Turns out, it’s Tolik the Sheep, a local celebrity and the “happiest and most carefree sheep in Moscow.” Adorable.

Tolik the Sheep is the biggest media personality in our company. The newspaper Vedomosti and restaurant magazines write about and interview Tolik and the most popular TV channels shoot videos with our handsome friend. He is invited to the openings of various restaurants and also to events in bars.

[ via Reddit]

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Awesome Jet Pack Costume

Jet Pack Man is ready to fly! What a creative costume. The legs look pretty real, while his actual legs are hidden in the fiery exhaust.

You can watch the costume in action here. Great job!

[via Reddit]

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Scary Spider Dog Costume Prank

Watch these unsuspecting people run and scream in terror, when they come face to face with a giant spider! The joke’s on them, it’s actually Chica the Dog Spider wearing an awesome costume. This prank video was produced by actor/director SA Wardega. Well done, Sir!

If you want to see more of Chica, you’re in luck — he has his own Facebook page.

[via SA Wardega]

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