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Recreating the Famous Spider-Man Kiss

Pete the Dog dresses up as Mary Jane Watson to recreate the famous kiss in Spider-Man. Ha, so awesome! What a fine actor.

[Pete N Tally via Laughing Squid]

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Adorable Predator Cosplay

Kayla the Predator refines the definition of adorable. Cutest cosplayer, indeed!

Costume by Nikki and William Miyamoto. Worn by their 3 year old daughter, Kayla. She loves dressing up in costumes and she wanted to be a Predator. The costume took a month to make.

[via batinthesun]

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On Vacation…

I’m taking a much needed vacation, so I won’t be posting for a while. But I’ll be back in no time!

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High School Pranks with Mariachi Band

Seniors at Santa Barbara High School prank their principal by hiring a mariachi band. They follow him down the hall in full costumes. Ha, what a funny idea! The principal seems to take it every well. It is kind of an honor, after all.

[SBUSD via Reddit]

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Awesome Batgirl Costume and Scooter

Just look at this lucky little Batgirl. What a great costume! It looks straight out of the 1960’s TV show. I guess somebody’s parents are big superhero fans? That custom scooter is fantastic, as well. Very, very nice.

[via Reddit]

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Star Wars Ep 7 Photos Leaked!

TMZ took a break from spying on celebrities to bring this amazing scoop. They have 45 “leaked” photos from the set of Star Wars 7!

The big pig-nosed alien is a giant costume with 5 people inside. Amazing! Supposedly J.J. Abrams is using real sets and costumes instead of the 100% CGI-fest we got in the prequels.

This sure looks like a marketplace on Tatooine. Aside from the giant watermarks, these are great! Head on over to TMZ to view all 45 pics.

[via TMZ]

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