Amazing Homemade ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Armor

I have a special post for you today, just in time for a great 3-day weekend. Peter Kokis has just unveiled his latest costume. It’s the amazing suit Tom Cruise wears in Edge of Tomorrow. What a mind blowing costume!

What’s even more amazing, is that Peter makes all of his robotic costumes out of ordinary objects. This is truly a work of art. And if you’re in the New York area, you should contact Peter… he’s available for parties and events.

There’s a deluge of marketing now for the upcoming film ‘Edge of Tomorrow’, so it’s time to forward you images of my latest: Brooklyn Exo Soldier . He’s based on the exo suits worn by the troopers in the new Tom Cruise film, and as soon as I saw the trailer this past winter I knew I was building one and started acquiring parts days later. I didn’t see much of the suits in the first trailer, so he’s based 80% on the movie and 20% from my experience in the Army: appearing as a low-tech, sturdy, mass-produced weaponized exoskeleton that our troops may very well be wearing in a decade. The exoskeleton took 300 hours to build and weighs 130 lbs. (same as the movie actors’ suits). His weapons are heavy and over-sized for effect. As with my robots, he’s made from ordinary & readily available stuff from local household, hardware, sporting goods, outdoor & discount stores…nothing special. Seven different shades of green, I layered him: green (uniform) – black (soft body armor & padding) – then dark green (for his steel exoskeletal framework). I hope the film does well…Hoo-Rah!

[via Peter Kokis]

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  1. bianca falcon says:

    I really like this movie I want to go see it know

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