Awesome Wonder Woman Costume

Here’s a lovely handmade Wonder Woman costume, based on the New 52 version with silver armor. This is made and modeled by Dee, aka famous cosplayer HoodedWoman. Fantastic job!

I always loved Wonder Woman but have never had the confidence to tackle one of her outfits. When I saw the silver on her new 52 armor I knew it was the one.

All the armor was a labor of love. It was foamies that I cut, shaped and then glued together. I carved the designs into the front of the foam and then began the sealing the foam. I sealed the foam with Elmer’s glue. I coated that about 3-4 times and then used a light sand paper to make sure it was really smooth. Then, using silver metallic spray paint I coated every piece. I then sealed the outside with a spray sealant. The stars were also cut from foam and painted.

[via HoodedWoman]

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