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Cats Wearing Sunglasses

These cats are way cooler than me. Well, except for maybe the one in the middle, he’s still practicing. 🙂

[via Neatorama]

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Ronald McDonald’s New Outfit

Ronald McDonald has been given a new outfit. Oh man, Grimace is going to be so jealous, especially since he doesn’t get any clothes at all.

McDonald’s is revamping good old Ronald as part of a new marketing strategy. He’s joining social media, and supposedly will travel the world to make it a better place.

The classic yellow jumpsuit is gone, replaced by cargo pants and a stylish yellow vest. For special occasions, Ronald will even wear this fancy red coat.

Here’s a look at the original outfit. Bye, bye, yellow jumpsuit. Now, can we please get a pair of pants for Grimace?

[via NBC News]

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Homemade Doctor Octopus Costume

Oh, I like this homemade Doctor Octopus costume. What a fearsome villain! It’s an excellent use of dryer vent hoses, I don’t think Spider-Man stands a chance. Well done!

[via Imgur]

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Katy Perry’s New Costume Music Video

Wow, this sure doesn’t look like Katy Perry. But it’s her, indeed. This is a teaser for her upcoming music video, “Birthday,” which is released tomorrow (April 24).

Perry dresses up in several costumes, including an elderly burlesque dancer, a Jewish MC, a clown and a princess. Really great costumes and makeup!

[via KatyPerryVEVO]

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Awesome Tardimus Prime Costume

Here’s a clever costume idea. A transforming Tardis! This is a fun crossover between Transformers and Doctor Who. Because after all, the Tardis should be able to transform, it’s only logical. Nice work!

Bonus fan art by Llyzabeth!

[via Cosplay Boom]

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Adventure Gear for your Kitty

Aw, I wish this were real. For April Fool’s Day, REI created this awesome page for Adventure Kitten Gear. Dress up your feline with rugged boots, burly socks, and a hiking pack. LOL, and don’t forget your freeze dried catnip and tiny machete. 🙂

[via REI]

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Velma with an Iron Man Mystery Machine

Well, if this just don’t beat all… an Iron Man Mystery Machine? Amazing! Yes, this is an Iron Man suit styled after the famous van from Scooby Doo. And Velma is on the case!

These two rocked the Wizard World St. Louis. Would be fun to see the whole Scooby gang. So creative, great job!

[BackBeat-Photography via Fashionably Geek]

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Awesome New Batman Beyond Short

The celebration of Batman’s 75th anniversary is just getting better and better! Here’s a fun new short by artist Darwyn Cooke, featuring Batman Beyond’s Terry McGinnis and an aged Bruce Wayne. They make quite a team, don’t they?

[via DC Entertainment]

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