Improv Everywhere’s Mannequin Mayhem

Fresh on the heels of yesterday’s Gap Mannequin story, here’s yet another Gap Mannequin adventure from Improv Everywhere. A flash mob took over a Gap in Manhattan, and everyone was dressed in a white bodysuit to match their mannequins.

Surprisingly, Gap management called the police! Many of the performers ended up in handcuffs before it could be sorted out. Somehow, the 911 call about a flash mob was interpreted as “robbery” by police. Oh my, that’s not good.

The manager of the store was not happy about the situation, and there was some talk of lifetime bans from the Gap for the participants, but ultimately she decided against it. After the cops fully understood what had taken place, they started un-cuffing participants and letting them leave.

Sounds like Gap needs to get a sense of humor!

[via Improv Everywhere]

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