Little Mermaid Costumes on SNL

Anna Kendricks did a great job as host on last night’s SNL. Here’s funny sketch full of Little Mermaid costumes. The villain Ursula agrees to grant a wish to Ariel in exchange for her voice. But things take a turn for the worse when Ariel sings like Britney Spears. 🙂

[via The Wrap]

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  1. Vibrant C. Mandate says:

    This is at least the third time they’ve done Little Mermaid on SNL–I just checked, cuz I saw a rerun of Tina Fey in the same costume. Reese Witherspoon wore one too.

    I didn’t like that Tina’s purple shell-top straps were also purple–thought they shoulda been flesh-colored, but all the other costumes in her sketch were great too (Fred Armisen as a Manta Ray = hilarious).

    LIving for the Ursula costume in THIS version, so great! Another great Ursula was Rumer Willis on Dancing w/ the Stars.

    Cool blog!! Thank you!

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