Incredible Aliens Power Loader Costume for a Baby

Most amazing costume ever? Carsten Riewe made this incredible Power Loader costume from the movie Aliens, and it looks like his baby daughter is driving it. Way too awesome! The baby sits in a harness, and he carries her as he walks around. The costume includes sounds, and took 100 hours to make. Fabulous work!

This Baby costume was inspired by the Caterpillar P5000 Powerloader from the movie “Aliens” by James Cameron. The arms and legs are full moveable and the top-light and LED were powered by an 12 Volt battery pack stored in the backpack. The on/off switch is in the left arm. Also in the backpack a Bluetooth boombox ist installed to play mechanical robot sound fx or music if preferred. It took 100 working hours to finnish the costume and I built it for the “Karneval”-Parade in my hometown in Germany February 2014 . My 13 months old daughter enjoyed to be carried and moved in her harnness savely.

[Carsten Riewe via Gizmodo]

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