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Adorable Princess Leia Puppy

This little puppy should audition for the new Star Wars movies. What a cute little Princess Leia!

[The Clearly Dope via Fashionably Geek]

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Live Action Rayman Legends Battle

Check out this live action version of the game Rayman Legends, brought to you by the talented FX team CorridorDigital.

The Legends of Rayman focuses on the characters Rayman and Barbara, and has awesome action with great costumes. They even attempt their first ever CGI character, which turned out quite well. Very impressive!

[via CorridorDigital]

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Spider-Man Raps with his Super Friends

Spider-Man goes gangster in this music video parody of All Gold Everything by Trinidad James. And he’s not alone– he has Batman, Captain America, and Mario backing him up. Pretty silly, but I like it. 🙂

[via Mrchocolateslol]

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Cosplay from Katsucon 2014

Here’s a fantastic look at the wonderful costumes from the recent Katsucon 2014 in National Harbor, MD. It’s a joint production by MLZ Studios and OTL Productions. It’s really professional and well done.

Perhaps best of all, our friend Yaya Han is prominently featured, wearing her amazing Red Queen costume from the game Alice: Madness Returns. Doesn’t she look amazing?

What a great video. Awesome job, Everyone!

I’m super excited to be included in the 1st Katsucon cosplay video by MLZ Studios & OTL Productions! It’s a beautiful nostalgic video combining everything we love about cosplaying at Katsucon! Lots of amazing intricate cosplayers are featured in gorgeous shots by Michael and Andy. It was a joy to work with them!

[via Yaya Han]

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Awesome Wooden Doll Makeup

Wow, check out this wooden doll makeup. It looks so real! This was done by Stephanie, a talented makeup artist. She submitted her wooden doll as her graduating project at her special effects school. It didn’t take long before it made the front page of Reddit. Congratulations! Remarkable work.

[via Reddit]

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Young People Swap Clothes with Older Family Members

Photographer Qozop believes that wrinkles aren’t the only way to tell someone’s age… you can tell by their fashion, too.

To demonstrate, he shot a series of photos that show young people swapping clothes with an older family member. A very clever idea! I’ve posted a few photos here, but head over to Qozop’s official site to view them all.

‘And as an Asian society, our cultural beliefs are often reflected in our dressing. Fashion (other than wrinkles) is one of the best tell tales of how old a person is, or what generation they hail from,’ he said.

[via Daily Mail]

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First Full Trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy!

Here it is at long last… the first trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy! Man, this looks like such a weird, funny superhero movie. It arrives in theaters on Aug. 1, 2014. Can’t wait!

[via Jimmy Kimmel Live]

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Dressed Up Dog Pigs Out

Need a smile? This video should help you out. Watch as Fudge the Dog eats a big breakfast, all dressed up in his University of Wisconsin hoodie. This trick is an oldie, but goodie, and it’s hard to keep a straight face.

Thanks to Tical for the tip!

[via Earl Francis]

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