Danbo Robot Costume Figurine

Check out this cute little cardboard robot, made out of an Amazon box. You may be wondering why I would post this on a costume blog.

Behold! It’s not a robot after all, it’s a little action figure wearing a costume! Ha, what a strange idea. You can pick one up from overseas for around $25.

Fans of the Japanese manga Yotsuba&! will have to forgive my ignorance. I had to do some research. This is Danbo, based on a manga about a girl who tricks her friend into thinking she owns an attack robot. When actually it was just a costume made for a school project. Sounds funny!

A girl named Miura Hayasaka, dresses in a robot costume made from cardboard boxes as part of a school project.

Yotsuba discovers her dressed in the costume, so Miura playfully convinces Yotsuba that she is an actual “attack robot,” powered by money inserted into the slot on the chest. Miura names her “robot” Danbo.

The eyes light up, too!

[Product Page via HeyDanbo]

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  1. Creative Claudia says:

    OH MY GAWDDDD I really want one, but it wont let me buy it…. it says this page is not found… 🙁

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