Animal Costumes Make Fun Facebook Stories

Have you heard the stories of Horace and Agnes? There’s a whole world waiting for you on one of the best Facebook pages I’ve come across.

Artists Asia Kepka and Lynn Dowling dress up in animal costumes, and take amazing color photos of Horace and Agnes being in love. They have lots of animal friends, too! Each photo comes with a little story, it’s quite delightful.

Here’s how the project came about:

On a hot July day, we dressed ourselves up with masks borrowed from a friend and started shooting self-portraits. We were fascinated by these characters and immediately named them Horace and Agnes. Once we gave them an identity, their story began to unfold. They met through random circumstance and their love for each other is literally blind. They exemplify a fairy tale of what it would be like to fall in love with the right person…just because.

Horace and Agnes (and their friends) are made up of all of the people we have encountered through our lives. Their world, though slightly dated, is a tangible one that our characters pass through. We encourage our audience to follow us as we uncover their adventures.

We hope you enjoy it.
Asia Kepka & Lynn Dowling

Here’s an example of one short story. Follow the link to view read them all!

Playing Hard to Get.
Horace can get so wrapped up in his bird books that he misses signs. Agnes has been flirting madly to no avail. Exasperated, she gives him a playful swat and takes off running. Horace knows this game. He drops his book and takes off after her. They are laughing and running crazily through an open field. Anyone watching this race can plainly see that Agnes is a lot faster than Horace. She has to slow down at the end so he can catch her. She’s playing hard to get, but not that hard.

[Horace and Agnes via Neatorama]

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