Brooklyn Ironhide Robot Costume Gets an Upgrade
February 10, 2014 DIY

Wow, just look at this work of beauty. Peter Kokis is back with an upgraded version of Brooklyn Ironhide. Believe it or not, this amazing costume is made out of recycled parts and ordinary household objects.

Photographer Alan Camuto took these photos of Peter posing in front of Manhatten, just before it was claimed by the frozen Polar Vortex storm. Fantastic job, Peter! Thanks so much for sharing.

Brooklyn Ironhide is my interpretation of the cranky, tough-as-nails Autobot from the Transformers films. He’s now two years old and upgraded to Version 2. I made his arm cannons larger than the film character’s, as he’s all about his guns…the Clint Eastwood of robots: those cannons make him weigh as much as I do (he’s my heaviest exoskeleton). I try to find shoot-locations that show NYC landmarks, for the benefit of international viewers, so here he is with some iconic Manhattan buildings in the background. Alan Camuto shot me right before the arrival of the “Polar Vortex” which was, no doubt, an evil plot hatched by those nasty Decepticons.

[via Brooklyn RobotWorks]

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