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Can You Identify Superheroes by their Underwear?

You can tell a lot about a person by their underwear. Especially when they wear it on the outside like superheroes tend to do. Can you identify these superheroes and villains by their undies? Sounds like the perfect conversation piece for your next dinner party.

These posters are for sale at I admit the product page has me a bit confused. While DesignTaxi claims they are $29.99 each, the product page and shopping cart seem to imply you get both posters for $29.99. Maybe I’m just blind, but I don’t see anyway to select just one. Has anyone ordered this, who can clarify?

[designdifferent via Neatorama]

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Dog Relaxes after a Long, Hard Day

Ha, what a great photo. He looks so relaxed, and doesn’t seem to mind being dressed up one bit. I do believe this is a French Mastiff? Such a good looking dog.

[via Reddit]

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Homemade Game Boy Costume is Actually Playable

This gentleman made an awesome Game Boy costume, and it’s actually playable! It was a big hit at last month’s Ohayocon 2014 in Columbus, OH. The system uses Raspberry Pi, and the shape of large cartridges triggers which game to load. Really amazing! You can watch the costume in action in the video below.

[MidgarZolom via Fashionably Geek]

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Homemade Remake of Fight Scene from ‘Hook’

The homemade remake masters behind CineFix have recreated the final fight scene from the movie Hook. Shot for shot, it’s nearly a perfect match.

The video features great costumes, too. We see Captain Hook, Peter Pan– and best of, actor Dante Basco actually reprises his role as Rufio! Fabulous job, Everyone!

And don’t miss this side-by-side comparison of the original scene.

[CineFix via Laughing Squid]

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“Anything Goes” Korean High School Yearbook Photos

Best yearbook photos ever? Korean students at Jeonju Haesung High School are allowed to pose however they want for their school photos. And so they do just that. Hilarious! The photos feature lots of funny costumes and poses, and they all seem to be having a great time. Who said school couldn’t be fun?

[via Kotaku]

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Making Mischief in a Sonic the Hedgehog Costume

Costume prankster Rémi Gaillard is back, this time dressed as Sonic the Hedgehog. It’s a worthy attempt to imitate the game play, but I guess the cops don’t see it that way. 🙂 Ha, I wonder how many times he’s been arrested?

[via Rémi GAILLARD]

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Power Wheels Racing: Spider-Man vs Captain America

Wow, these kids are living the dream. They get to race fancy 12v Power Wheels, while dressed as Spider-Man and Captain America! The stakes are high as these two superheroes race on various tracks, including off road and a demolition derby. I’m impressed with the quality, it’s like a TV show. Great job!

Spiderman and Captain America race three different events, paved straightaway, demolition derby race, and dirt track oval! Both race cars are stock and are the 12v Power Wheels Corvette Stingray and the 16v Kid Trax SRT!

[via GabeandGarrett]

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Mask Looks Like Pieces of a Puzzle

Check out this very cool mask, homemade by Redditor feed_me_a_stray_kat. At first I thought it was actually made from puzzle pieces glued together. But no, the mask is all leather, carefully cut with a knife to look like puzzle pieces, then colored with acrylic paint.

The leather is able to keep it’s shape through a process called rapid dehydrating. Well done!

[via Reddit]

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