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Firefly Cosplay Thanks Joss Whedon

Michael Hanscom made an excellent Wash costume! Wash is our favorite pilot and leaf on the wind from the Firefly and Serenity ‘verse. He seems to be a bit impaled and dead at the moment, poor guy.

I love the little thank you note on his chest. “Screw you, Whedon.” Serously, Joss, did you HAVE to?

[Michael Hanscom via i09]

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Awesome and Horrifying Face Makeup

Check out this incredible horror makeup by artist Stephanie Fernandez. It’s so amazing to see the transformation from her normal pretty self to the final creature she becomes.

Stephane is a completely self-taught makeup artist, and makes a living doing freelance work. So professional! I’m sure she has no trouble paying the bills. Great job!

[Stephanie Fernandez via Geekologie]

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Benjamin the Bunny Dresses in Movie Costumes

Need a new 2014 calendar? Consider this awesome calendar featuring Benjamin the Bunny! Sold by TheBbunnyShop on Etsy, the calendar is handmade using felt and quality paper stock.

Benjamin dresses up in awesome movie costumes, featuring Star Wars, Star Trek, Ghostbusters, and much more. And best of all, 100% of the proceeds go to a bunny rescue shelter. Hop on over to TheBbunnyShop to learn more.

[TheBbunnyShop via Mashable]

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Dark Knight Recut as “Heartfelt Coming-of-Age” Movie

Here’s a funny take on the Dark Knight Batman movies, recut by OneMinuteGalactica. Instead of a dark, gritty superhero story, we get a deeply touching coming-of-age movie in the style of Judd Apatow. Funny stuff, I think Joker would approve.

Thanks to China Jon for the tip!

[via OneMinuteGalactica]

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Weirdest Costume Store Commercial Ever

Hmm, I’m not sure what to think of this strange costume shop commercial. It was made by the funny guys of FatAwesome, and I can’t tell if it’s just a joke, or not. The YouTube description does say “banned commercial,” so maybe this was an honest attempt to advertise. Costumes of Nashua is a genuine store, so I suppose this is real.

One young man’s journey comes to an end.

[via FatAwesome]

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A Push Up Muscle Shirt?

What’s this? A fashionable push up muscle shirt, to make you look fit and strong? Or perhaps it’s not quite what you’re expecting. Click the image to learn more!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Undercover at Gold’s Gym

Ha, good old Arnold. What a cool guy. He just released this video of himself going undercover at Gold’s Gym as Howard the manager. Funny stuff. He’s raising money for After-School All-Stars to help kids in need. Arnold will match each and every donation, and you could win a chance to ride in a tank with the big man himself.

Sounds great! Click Here to donate a few bucks and enter the contest!

[via Arnold Schwarzenegger]

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Dress Made out of Taco Bell Wrappers

Here’s a gorgeous dress, made entirely out of Taco Bell wrappers! So pretty. This was made by DeviantArtist AvantGeek for a Taco Bell contest. She was a first prize winner. Congratulations!

This was my entry for Taco Bell’s Live Mas contest. I did not win grand prize, though I was a first prize winner! The dress is made of 130+ taco wrappers and about twelve sauce packets.

[AvantGeek via Neatorama]

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