A New Costume for a New Doctor

A recent article in theguardian gives us a first look at the new Doctor Who costume. Worn by the new Doctor, no less, Peter Capaldi. A fancy outfit, indeed, earning the title of “the most formal Doctor for decades.” I like it, though my personal preference would include a scarf.

Described by Capaldi as “100% rebel Time Lord”, the costume sits somewhere between those of the previous two Doctors and a slightly flamboyant best man cutting shapes at a wedding reception. From top to bottom, Capaldi’s outfit comprises a white button-down shirt, a navy frock coat (with a dashing red lining, all the better for dazzling Daleks as he dramatically swishes away from them), matching waistcoat, formal trousers and shiny black leather boots.

[theguardian via Geekologie]

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