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Fun Costumes in LOLCats Photo Book

If you’re a fan of LOLCats, do consider this photo book by Josselin Bordat. LOLChats features wonderful photography by Barrere and Simon, complete with inspirational quotes and stories accompanying each photo. You can pick up your copy on Amazon for less than $20.

[Beautiful/Decay via Neatorama.   Product Page.]

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Atrwork: The Furries Avengers Squad Team

From the mind of the talented MashTheFox… behold The Furries Avengers Squad Team! It’s a fun take on The Avengers, drawn furry-style. Nicely done! And I think these characters are tailored after real folks in his club. Fun stuff.

[via MashTheFox]

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Conan Celebrates the Puppy Bowl

The Big Game is coming soon, and everyone in America will be watching. I’m referring, of course, to the annual Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. 🙂 Here are a couple fun clips of Conan O’Brien’s version of the Puppy Bowl. They dress up the little pups in wigs and costumes, it’s really cute. Conan’s smart… you can never go wrong with puppies.

[via Team Coco]

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80s Band the Inspiration for Daft Punk?

Here’s an old 80s music video, perfect for Throwback Thursday. The song is Land of Hunger, by The Earons. Notice the motorcycle helmets, futuristic fashion, and synthesized music? Hmm, did Daft Punk “borrow” their act? The similarity is enough to make some folks wonder. Interesting!

[via Neatorama]

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Student Dresses as Presidents on Instagram

Presidents Day isn’t too far away, and here’s a great tribute to our nation’s past leaders. High school student Chaz Rorick has been dressing up as a different president each day, and posting the photos to Instagram. He posed as every president! Truly amazing, what a funny idea. Follow the link to view the complete gallery.

[Chaz Rorick via Mashable]

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A New Costume for a New Doctor

A recent article in theguardian gives us a first look at the new Doctor Who costume. Worn by the new Doctor, no less, Peter Capaldi. A fancy outfit, indeed, earning the title of “the most formal Doctor for decades.” I like it, though my personal preference would include a scarf.

Described by Capaldi as “100% rebel Time Lord”, the costume sits somewhere between those of the previous two Doctors and a slightly flamboyant best man cutting shapes at a wedding reception. From top to bottom, Capaldi’s outfit comprises a white button-down shirt, a navy frock coat (with a dashing red lining, all the better for dazzling Daleks as he dramatically swishes away from them), matching waistcoat, formal trousers and shiny black leather boots.

[theguardian via Geekologie]

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Horse Head for the Undead

Horse masks are so yesterday, lol. Don’t beat a dead horse with a regular horse mask, when you can BE a dead horse instead! These new zombie horse masks from Archie McPhee glow in the dark, too. You can pick one up for $29.95.

[via Archie McPhee]

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Adorable Toddler in a Crocheted Viking Hat

Isn’t it fun to make costumes for your children? This crocheted viking hat was made by the clever wife of Dr_Emmet_Brown. I it turned out great! What a happy little viking.

[via Reddit]

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