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Old School Santa Costume — Father Christmas

Check out this fancy Santa Claus costume, made by DeviantArtist EruwaedhielElleth. His dad wanted to dress as Santa, but instead of a modern suit, they went with old school Father Christmas robes. Very regal and well done!

My dad decided he wanted to play Santa this year for his boyscout troop, so I made the costume for him. The costume consists of pants, fully lined coat, hooded cape, belt and hat. There’s also a little leather pouch that fits over the belt for small items. I was originally going to combine the coat and hood, but this way he can have either style. I had some help from my mother on the pants, we were very short on time and got the whole ensemble done in about 3 1/2″ days. Dad and I both like the old-fashioned Father Christmas style robes, rather than the modern version of Santa Clause.

[via EruwaedhielElleth]

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Group Photo with Santa

Well, this mall Santa is certainly a good sport. He actually seems to be enjoying himself. Ha, how did they get Santa to pose like this? What a cool Santa.

[via Reddit]

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Christmas Face by Rhett & Link

Rhett & Link have done it again, with another fabulous Christmas music video. Christmas Face is basically a sequel to last year’s awesome Christmas Sweatz song.

The face painting in this video is quite remarkable. Catchy song, too. Great job, Everyone!

[via Rhett & Link]

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Witchy Santa Costume

Here’s a fun take on a Christmas costume… Witchy Santa! Ah, so magical. The costume was made by mybusycraftlife, who also managed to turn this into a Blood Elf costume, and a pirate costume. Follow the link to her blog to see how she altered this costume for different occasions. Very clever!

I wore the red skirt, pinned some white fake fur on the edge of the cloak, made an apron out of bedsheet and some remnants, and a hat and voila: Witchy Santa!

[via mybusycraftlife]

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Family Sings Christmas Rap

You may have already seen this awesome Christmas Rap, performed by the Holderness family of Raleigh, NC. It’s been viewed over 11 million times so far on YouTube. It’s a delightful video greeting card that shares what the family has been up to in 2013.

And yes, it’s ultimately a marketing gimmick to promote the Greenroom video production company, but I don’t think anyone minds. It’s lots of fun and very well done. I bet it inspires many families to make video Christmas cards for real. What a great way to share news with friends and family.

[via VisitTheGreenroom]

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Police Officer Sings Remix of Jingle Bells

Police in Hampton, VA found a creative way to provide safety tips this season. They made a fun video singing a remix of Jingle Bells. Because there’s no better way to educate the pubic than by singing and dancing with Santa. 🙂

Thanks for the tips, Officers. Here’s to a fun and safe Christmas!

[via wavy]

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Slightly Scary Christmas Tree Costume

Check out this Christmas Tree costume, made by YouTube user Joiseygal. It’s a little creepy, and slightly spooky, because it’s actually for a Christmas-themed haunted house. Now THAT sounds cool. Combining Halloween and Christmas? That’s having the best of both worlds, if you ask me.

Joiseygal will also be wearing this costume in the famous Mummer’s Parade on New Year’s Day. Very nice!

[via Joiseygal]

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Students Wear Christmas Song Character Costumes

Here’s a fun little costume show. Each year, students at FBC Morristown hold a costume contest during their annual Christmas party. This year, the costume theme was Christmas Song Characters. Very creative! And yes, even Batman makes an appearance. Because, you know, Jingle Bells, Batman smells… Ha, great job, Everyone!

[via FBCMotownStudents]

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