Old School Santa Costume — Father Christmas

Check out this fancy Santa Claus costume, made by DeviantArtist EruwaedhielElleth. His dad wanted to dress as Santa, but instead of a modern suit, they went with old school Father Christmas robes. Very regal and well done!

My dad decided he wanted to play Santa this year for his boyscout troop, so I made the costume for him. The costume consists of pants, fully lined coat, hooded cape, belt and hat. There’s also a little leather pouch that fits over the belt for small items. I was originally going to combine the coat and hood, but this way he can have either style. I had some help from my mother on the pants, we were very short on time and got the whole ensemble done in about 3 1/2″ days. Dad and I both like the old-fashioned Father Christmas style robes, rather than the modern version of Santa Clause.

[via EruwaedhielElleth]

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