Incredible Brooklyn Typhoon Costume Inspired by Pacific Rim

Wow, robot master Peter Kokis is a very busy man. He keeps making these incredible robot costumes out of ordinary household objects.

His latest creation just may be my favorite of all. Meet the Brookly Typhoon, based on the 3-armed Chinese robot in the film Pacific Rim. This is so very cool. I can’t believe it’s made from recycled household parts.

Great job, Peter! I’m glad someone is ready to defend Earth in case we get attacked.

Brooklyn Typhoon: Based on the awesome Chinese robot from the film Pacific Rim. Crimson Typhoon is the craziest-looking robot I’ve ever seen, and a two-second shot of him in a trailer seven months before the film came out was all I needed. Building two right arms and essentially no-head was just the challenge I sought, and I started acquiring his parts the very next day. His 2nd right arm is the identical size & shape of my arm, and the resulting distortion and necessary counter-balancing drove his weight above 150 lbs. …ouch. I went through a lot of mannequinn arms before I found the perfect one. The character’s head was impossible to replicate, and my interpretation is a balance of form & function. He’s made from ordinary and readily-available household, hardware, petshop & sporting goods items, nothing special… stuff like toilet flush valves, plungers, blender bases, hair clipper spacers & egg slicers…

I wish more people had seen the film, as way too many folks think he’s a Transformer!

[via Brooklyn Robotworks]

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