Awesome Xenomorph Alien Costume from Recycled Parts

Brooklyn’s finest costumer, Peter Kokis, just doesn’t stop making awesome costumes. He’s famous for making incredible robot costumes out of ordinary household items.

This time, Peter has strayed from his normal robot creations, to make this stunning Xenomorph costume from the Alien movies. And yes, it’s made out of recycled household objects including toilet plungers, dish washing mats, and bottle caps.

After working on this for 450 hours, the final result is beyond amazing. So cool. Fabulous job, Peter!

I had wanted to build a Xenomorph for a long time, a challenge for my construction process as the robots I build are all very mechanical and angular, but the creature is biological and so he’s all soft shapes and curves…it took me 16 months to acquire his parts. I used a lot of recurring shapes throughout his body, all gloss black plastic & rubber, and his parts include toilet plungers, Baroque costume ball half-masks, knife sharpeners (his ribcage), wine glass drain mats (skin), vitamin bottlecaps, and lots of ribbed tubing in five diameters. His head – what truly identifies The Xenomorph – was the last and most challenging part to be built…he’s all about those big silver teeth… Brooklyn Alien took 450 hours’ construction time, and he is the lightest of my characters at 122 lbs.

[via brooklynrobotworks]

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