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Dogs Pose in Thanksgiving Costumes

These guys look ready for a big turkey dinner. What a great costume group!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

[via Global Animal]

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Zombie Native American Costumes

Are you dressing up for Thanksgiving? Here’s a fun costume idea. Take your turkey, pilgrim or Native American costume and zombify it! But don’t be too scary, or you’ll frighten Grandma.

These two got it right. Very creepy, but so well done!

[via stuckwithpins]

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Lizard in a Turkey Costume

Jax the Iguana wanted to join in the Thanksgiving fun. Here he is dressed as a turkey! What a great owner he has. This is a might fine looking lizard, and he looks marvelous. Nice job!

[via Shockshockshad]

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Adorable Baby in a Turkey Costume

Aww, look at this adorable little baby turkey. What a cutie. Someone went to quite a bit of trouble to make a special Thanksgiving photo. Turned out great! When do we eat?

[via hawleyville]

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Gobbledy Gooker Gets Laughs in a Turkey Costume

Have you heard of the WWE’s wrestling mascot, The Gobbledy Gooker? He now has his own official comedy web series.

The Gobbledy Gooker was a disastrous marketing campaign in the 90’s, way back when WWE was the WWF. They hauled a giant egg around, and teased that it would soon hatch. Lots of people became interested, but then they booed their displeasure when the Gooker was finally revealed.

For a while, the Gobbledy Gooker was just an embarrassing memory. But years later, it became one of those “so bad it’s good” memes, and the silly turkey returned to television. Now the WWE has given him his very own show. You can catch all the episodes on YouTube.

[WWE via Topless Robot]

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Tina Fey Goes Back to the Future

Here’s Tina Fey dressed in a Marty McFly costume from Back to the Future! Ha, too funny.

She appears at the 55-second mark in this video. This was recorded at a recent fundraiser for the Michael J. Fox Foundation For Parkinson’s Research. Many celebrities came to show their support, but it looks like Tina Fey was the only one in costume… though she claims it’s what she normally wears. 🙂

[via Buzzfeed]

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Holiday Mustache

Just in time for Christmas, you can now be the proud owner of a candy-striped Holiday Mustache! So festive, so merry. And now you’ll look just as good as one of Santa’s elves. 🙂

This Holiday Mustache resembles the mustache that elves grow immediately after going through puberty. As children, elves eat so many candy canes that red dye builds up in them, resulting in ruddy cheeks, incessant merriment and pink sweat. Then, when they get their first facial hair, it comes out red and white striped. Actual elf mustaches smell of peppermint, but this one doesn’t.

[Archie Mcphee via Neatorama]

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Bulldog in Costume Photo from 1905

The Library of Congress has archived this old photo of a well-dressed Bulldog. Titled “The Missis,” it was originally published in 1905, as part of a collection of “animals in human situations.” Very cute.

Thanks to Bull for the tip!

[via Library of Congress]

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