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Heisenberg’s Pink Fashion

Ha, what’s going on here? Aaron Paul recently posted these photos to his Instragram account, featuring Bryan Cranston prancing around in lots of pink. It’s fun to see them goofing around on the set of Breaking Bad. I wonder what season this was taken? Too funny.

[via Aaron Paul]

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Funny Baby on a Motorcycle Costume

Here’s an excellent example of a Carry Me style costume. This might be my favorite one yet. This guy makes it look like a baby is riding on the back of a motorcycle. Things get pretty hilarious when the bike starts to go fast. Too funny, well done!

[via FunnyFuse]

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Stevie Wonder Woman Costume

Ha, this is wrong, but pretty awesome. A Stevie Wonder Woman costume! I think this lady wins Halloween.

[via showbizgeek]

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Homemade Spartan Warrior Baby Costume

This is Sparta! Check out this little Spartan warrior costume. My, what a strong looking baby! I wish I had a six-pack abs like that.

[via Reddit]

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Awesome Stinky Pete Costume from Toy Story

Toy Story fans are sure to appreciate this incredible Stinky Pete costume. He’s mint in the box! Fantastic job, Sir.

[via Reddit]

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Adorable Vader Fairy Tie Fighter Costume

Well this is almost too cute for words. This little girl is wearing a Darth Vader costume, complete with tutu and fairy wings that look like a tie fighter. Amazing! Something tells me she came up with the idea all by herself.

[via Fashionably Geek]

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Hard Core Costume Dancing

Ready to get wild with costumes? Check out this unofficial music video made by PublicPeopleStudios. This is some hard core costuming, indeed. It looks like they’re having a total blast filming their dancing. The music is Monsta’ – Holdin On (Skrillex and Nero Remix). Turn up your speakers and enjoy!

Thanks to Dino for the tip.

[via PublicPeopleStudios]

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Dogs in Costumes Enjoy Halloween

Maymo and Penny, possibly the cutest Beagles ever, enjoy a night of trick or treating in a variety of awesome dog costumes. Way too adorable! This was made by crackrockcandy, who made most of these costumes by cutting the faces out of stuffed animals. Brilliant!

[crackrockcandy via Laughing Squid]

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