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Famous Walter White Mask Selling for Big Money on Ebay

Do you remember that awesome Walter White mask that Bryan Cranston wore? He basically became King of Comic Con when he dressed as himself in San Diego earlier this year.

If you want to own this mask, now is your chance. It’s for sale on eBay, and the current bid as of writing this post is $24,350.00! Holy blue meth, that’s so outrageous. The mask is signed by Bryan Cranston, and was also worn briefly by Jimmy Fallon.

This mask was made by Hyperflesh, who cleverly timed the auction to end just one hour before Breaking Bad’s big series finale. Smart thinking, Sir! Ha, I wonder what the winning bid will be, this is pretty crazy.

[eBay via Hollywood Reporter]

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Spider-Man Motorcycle Helmets

DONY Custom sells a line of custom painted Spider-Man motorcycle helmets. Wow, these look really great. Prices start in the $400’s, and several colors are available. There’s even a Venom helmet, too!

[DONY Custom via Fashionably Geek]

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“Animated” Vintage Clown Car Costume

JPro Studios was commissioned to make this vintage clown car costume. Ha, it almost looks like he just took a kid’s toy car and cut a whole for his body. But it’s much more complicated than that… check out how the eyes move. Just like on a cartoon, how fun.

[via JPro Studios]

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Ellen Scares People with Fox Costumes

I don’t think I’ve ever posted an Ellen clip before, but here she is having fun with fox costumes. She had Ylis on her show, to celebrate the very catchy song, The Fox. What does the Fox say?

Ha, she hides in the bathroom and scares women with costumes and crazy fox sounds (because that’s what they say). Too funny.

Thanks to Kate for the tip!

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Beard Fashion: The Noodle Bowl

This man eats noodles out of a bowl shaped from his amazing beard.

That is all.

[via Reddit]

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Pug Hats to Match your Pet

If you have a Pug, then these adorable hats are for you! Now you can dress like your pet, thanks to these crocheted hats by Etsy seller CatilyCrochet. This particular listing is for a baby-sized hat, but you can order them for larger children and adults for an extra three dollars.

This adorable pug hat is a perfect photo prop for your baby! It’s easy to imagine how adorable a picture would be of your baby in a pug hat posed with his pet pug! All hats come standard in the tan color, but I will also make black pug hats upon request!

[CatilyCrochet via Neatorama]

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Awesome Cosplay from Katsucon 2013

Here’s a fun costume video from Katsucon 2013, courtesy of the always entertaining MLZStudio. The event ran from August 9th to August 11th, 2013 at the Gaylord Convention Center in National Harbor, MD.

This video is a bit interesting, as there is a freerunner mixed in with all the great costumes. Supposedly, he had a costume to wear for a parkour video, but couldn’t get it done in time. So, they decided to shoot his impressive moves anyway.

[via MLZStudio]

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BatDad has Fun with a Batman Mask

Have you met BatDad? This super dad is all over the Internet lately, thanks to the humorous little videos he’s posting to Vine.

Vine lets you post short, 6-second videos. Many of the clips have been combined into this 3-minute compilation. It was posted on YouTube last week, and already has over 4 million views! Ha, BatDad is quite the character. Great stuff.

[BatDad Vine via Reddit]

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