Child who Loves Smoke Detectors Dresses Up as One

This little guy is apparently obsessed with smoke detectors. Well, they are fascinating devices, after all. Fortunately, his awesome parents made him this costume for Halloween. It even lights up! I wonder if anyone in his family dressed up as smoke?

This is my little baby cousin and he is dressed as a smoke detector for Halloween. None of us know why but he is really obsessed with smoke detectors. That’s all he’s asked for in the way of presents these past two years. He calls them “snoke edectors.”

[via pineapplefiendwillriseagain]

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3 Responses to Child who Loves Smoke Detectors Dresses Up as One

  1. Teri Adkins says:

    This is “that little guys” Grandma….not only did the costume light up…but it also, made smoke detector warning sound….You could hear him…3 blocks away…it was great!

  2. Manny says:

    Hello! Thanks for dropping by. Love the costume!

  3. Amethyst Rose Holman says:

    How many people thought their smoke detectors were going off? 😛

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