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Adorable “Thorella” Costume (Thor + Cinderella)

This little four-year-old girl wanted to be both Thor and Cinderella for her birthday. The solution? Thorella! Ha, this is the cutest costume ever. And hey, now that Disney owns Marvel, a Thorella character could actually happen. 🙂

[via Reddit]

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Bill Murray’s Costume Fun on Letterman

Bill Murray is the BEST. Here he is, all dressed for an amazing visit to Letterman’s Late Show. David Letterman is celebrating his 20th anniversary of the show, and Bill Murray was his very first guest when it premiered.

Murray makes an amazing entrance, he sings, he brings funny gifts — this is so great! If you’re a Bill Murray fan, but missed Letterman’s show, then all of these clips are for you.

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Awesome Female Bilbo Costume

Wow, Bilbo just got much better looking. This is an awesome female Bilbo Baggins costume, made by clever costumer aishafee. This took her a few months, and she plans to wear it to the EFF Arcen elf fantasy fair. She looks amazing, all the way down to her Hobbit toes. Great job!

[aishafee via Fashionably Geek]

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Dancing Pig, French Silent Film from 1907

Here’s an old French silent film from 1907, titled Dancing Pig. A pig puts on fancy clothes and tries to beg for food, only to have his clothes removed — and then the dancing starts. It’s a strangely childish and super creepy at the same time, especially towards the end when we see the pig’s long tongue and sharp teeth. Very odd, but that’s a great pig costume!

[via William French]

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Costumed Knights Battle in Bumper Cars

Ha, this is pretty hilarious. A group wearing knight costumes battle it out while riding bumper cars. This was shot at Bloodfest, a heavy metal festival in Derbyshire. They are in costumes for a medieval tournament show, but decided to cut loose during some down time. Looks like lots of fun, indeed.

[via Laughing Squid]

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Grandma Goes to a Ninja Costume Party

What a great photo! This 80-year-old grandma was invited to a ninja-themed party, and this is the costume she wore. Perfect choice, if you ask me. They never said what kind of ninja, ha.

Isn’t Batman also a ninja? I think that’s the costume I would have worn. 🙂

[via Reddit]

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Child who Loves Smoke Detectors Dresses Up as One

This little guy is apparently obsessed with smoke detectors. Well, they are fascinating devices, after all. Fortunately, his awesome parents made him this costume for Halloween. It even lights up! I wonder if anyone in his family dressed up as smoke?

This is my little baby cousin and he is dressed as a smoke detector for Halloween. None of us know why but he is really obsessed with smoke detectors. That’s all he’s asked for in the way of presents these past two years. He calls them “snoke edectors.”

[via pineapplefiendwillriseagain]


Clown-Themed Wedding in PA

Love is no joke, but that doesn’t mean you can’t clown around at your wedding. Each year, Lancaster, PA hosts a clown festival, and this year there was an official wedding between two clowns.

They wear clown costumes and stay in character, even putting on a little show while they exchange their vows. How romantic. Hey, if you can laugh with your spouse, chances are you’ll stay together. Congrats to the clown couple!

[via ABC News]

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