Reader Submission: Mima Cosplay from Perfect Blue
July 15, 2013 comics

I received a very nice email from cosplayer Natalie, aka notwitternat. She shared this awesome Mima costume from the anime psychological thriller Perfect Blue. Doesn’t she look great?

Natalie talks about her interest in Anime, making the Mima costume, and the impromptu photo shoot that turned out really well. This is great stuff, Natalie… thanks so much for sharing!

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I was a big fan of DBZ and Sailor Moon when I was in middle and high school, and I read a bunch of shoujo and sports manga. But when I went to college it pretty much stopped entirely due to lack of time and money.

Then in my senior year I took a class called “Viewing the World Through Animation.” On our first day of class, before even introducing himself, the professor took us into the university’s movie theater and turned on Perfect Blue. There was no discussion afterwards; we were free to go.

There comes a moment in many people’s lives (be they anime fans or not) when they suddenly discover that not all anime is ridiculousness, cutesy-fun, or over-the-top battle sequences. For my class, that was our moment.

We stumbled in a mass out into the night, completely lost, and somehow made it to the end of the quad before someone finally broke. “I don’t even know what’s real anymore…?”

Fast forward two years and I’m at my second con when someone asks me if I’m going to dress up for Otakon the next summer. Still being relatively out of the anime scene, I didn’t really have any characters readily at hand, and on a whim I said maybe I’d do Mima. After that, I don’t know, I guess it was just hard not to remember the huge impact I walked away from that movie with… the more I thought about it the more I wanted to do it.

The creepiest part by far was watching the movie on repeat (especially the final chase scene) while sewing… I got to the point where I couldn’t get that song/sound effect out of my head! It inspired me though – I ended up sticking speakers under my dress and playing the Virtual Mima theme just quietly enough that people couldn’t tell if they were actually hearing it or not… super fun! I felt like it definitely added a subconscious unsettling quality to the overall effect.

The photoshoot itself actually wasn’t really planned. We had a mini shoot during the day but when we got back to the room in the evening, ready to crash, I realized I’d forgotten to wear my gloves all day long and I was CRUSHED. Even though we were totally exhausted, my friend immediately jumped up and offered to go out and have a proper photo shoot right then and there. He said (rightly) that I would regret it sooo much if we didn’t. I’m so glad we did it!!! It’s my favorite photoshoot ever! I even had extra fake blood that I made for the umbrella, so I got to do the final shot before the truck scene… although my friend/photographer wouldn’t let me pose out in the street in front of any actual trucks after that (which I guess in retrospect is a good thing)!

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