Solar System Hat for Cats

Cats are the center of the universe, right? Well, now you can buy this cat hat that proves it. It’s a very creative idea, with all the planets revolving around the cat’s Sun head. These are for sale from the Etsy store NotsoKittyShop for only $25.

Your cat knows that it is center of the universe– time to let it know you’re in on the joke! This cat fascinator is a model of our solar system with nine planets attached to the “sun” (cat hat base)…. Planets are made from styrofoam, painted with acrylic paint and finished with a touch of glitter. They attach to the base using wire which is implanted into more styrofoam to protect kitty’s head. It is lined with some groovy felt! The cat hat balances well on the back of kitty’s head; using the elastic helps to keep it all in place for short periods of time.

[NotsoKittyShop via Fashionably Geek]

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