Amazing Transformers-Inspired Brooklyn Robots

The famous Peter Kokis of Brooklyn RobotWorks has been hard at work on his latest creation. Behold the mighty Brooklyn Starscream, a robot based on the Decepticons in the Transformers universe. He’s also updated his well known Brooklyn Bumblebee costume, now on version 4.0.

Peter doesn’t just make cool robot costumes. His specialty is making them out of ordinary household objects. Very impressive work!

BROOKLYN STARSCREAM is my interpretation of the evil Decepticon from the three Transformers films. I’m a former military pilot and wanted to bring an aircraft to life, and Starscream is based on a jet fighter plane. I had to take a wide latitude in designing him, as the character’s shoulders are impossibly wide (3x mine) and he has reverse-joint bird legs. Winglets are throughout his body. I had to limit the size of his wings – issues of storage, transport…and doorways – but compensated by angling them forward for a more ‘aggressive’ look. As with my other ‘bots, he’s built from ordinary household, hardware, sporting goods & petshop items including: toilet brush holders, toilet tank hardware, bird feeders, dog bowls, soap dishes, a juicer & an apple slicer, ice scrapers, tie rack, and a lot of other such stuff we use everyday but never pay any attention to. He weighs about 140 lbs.

Brooklyn Starscream photos by Beth Brown.
Brooklyn Bumblebee photo by Carlos A. Smith.

via Brooklyn RobotWorks:

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