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Battle Damaged Darth Vader Costume

Check out this Battle Damaged Darth Vader costume. Poor guy, he’s seen better days. I spotted this over at Costume Craze and wanted to share. Very cool! I don’t know anyone else who makes a helmet-less Vader costume. The full costume is $68 and is available for pre-order.

Harmonica not included. 🙂

[via Costume Craze]

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Dog Scared of Bear Costume

Oh, this poor puppy. At first he’s so excited that his master is home. But no, it’s a scary bear! Ha, he does NOT like that costume. Well, I don’t blame him one bit. Funny, but kind of mean, don’t you think?

[via Dave Mosher]

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Daughter Dresses as Famous Women from History

Costumes are a great way to teach history. Just ask photographer Jaime Moore, who dressed up her daughter as five iconic women. While her daughter loves to dress up as Disney princesses, her mom wanted to teach her about a few real life heroes.

Jaime did a great job with the costumes, and little Emma looks just like her historical counterparts. What a neat costume project, one I’m sure Emma will never forget.

[Jaime Moore via CNN]

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