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1978 Boba Fett Costume Screentest

Wow, watch this original screentest of Boba Fett, recorded in 1978! The official Star Wars YouTube channel just released this today. The footage was shot in the home of George Lucas. Very, very cool– Thanks, Star Wars!

Many have seen the early Ralph McQuarrie sketches of Boba Fett sporting the all-white helmet and armor. What you haven’t seen is the original white Fett costume in action. A videotape was rolling to capture “proto Fett’s” reveal to Lucas and company at the filmmaker’s home on June 28, 1978. In the video, sound designer Ben Burtt “hosts” Fett’s reveal, describing the different weapons, functions, and characteristics of the costume (worn by Empire’s assistant film editor Duwayne Dunham for the test).

[via Star Wars]

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Solar System Hat for Cats

Cats are the center of the universe, right? Well, now you can buy this cat hat that proves it. It’s a very creative idea, with all the planets revolving around the cat’s Sun head. These are for sale from the Etsy store NotsoKittyShop for only $25.

Your cat knows that it is center of the universe– time to let it know you’re in on the joke! This cat fascinator is a model of our solar system with nine planets attached to the “sun” (cat hat base)…. Planets are made from styrofoam, painted with acrylic paint and finished with a touch of glitter. They attach to the base using wire which is implanted into more styrofoam to protect kitty’s head. It is lined with some groovy felt! The cat hat balances well on the back of kitty’s head; using the elastic helps to keep it all in place for short periods of time.

[NotsoKittyShop via Fashionably Geek]

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Thor Proposes at JAFAX Anime Convention

Aww, look at this happy couple. At last week’s JAFAX Anime Convention in Michigan, attendees were treated to a touching marriage proposal between Thor and Sif. Actually, I’m not 100% sure that’s Sif, so please correct me if I’m wrong.

How fun! What a memorable way to start a romantic journey. Congratulations to the happy couple!

[via Weird Review]

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Fur Coat Made of Human Chest Hair

Ready to be a little grossed out? This fashionably fur coat is actually made of human male chest hair. Eww! Well, at least no animals were harmed in the process.

The limited-edition coat was commissioned by UK dairy company Arla, for some odd promotional campaign for a new milk drink. Something about trying to encourage men to be more manly, or something– I honestly don’t understand the point. Why would a chest hair coat make me want to drink milk?

Dairy firm Arla commissioned the coat to coincide with the launch of a new milk drink, Wing-co, aimed at men. Despite promotional material featuring a model with a clean-shaven chest, the company said the coat represents a protest against the ‘manning-down’ of British men, particularly via emasculating fashion.

[Metro via Neatorama]

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Woman Hikes Mountain in Fancy Ball Gown

Wow, this gal hiked to the top of Mount Rainier while wearing a big fancy ball gown. Harmony Sage Lawrence is a seamstress and fashion designer from Portland, Oregon. She went to Mount Rainier for a photo shoot in the lower forests, but then decided to walk the full 7-mile-long trail to the top. That’s quite an adventure!

I honestly wasn’t planning to hike the mountain trail to the top, but once we got going on the trails it wasn’t that bad to keep going, so we made it to the top walking destination, anything beyond the point we got to was for snow shoes. I estimate we walked anywhere from 4 to 6 miles that day.

[temperate-sage via Yahoo]

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Honey Badger Funny Costume

He was given his own special costume, but Honey Badger don’t care.

Too funny! The costume even comes with a snake you can bite. Ha, I can’t believe they made a costume based off of a viral YouTube video. Though to be fair, it does have over 61 Million views. Watch the original video below!

[via Costume Craze]

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Awesome Snoova Wookiee Costume

Check out this amazing Snoova costume, made by cosplayer mcm1015. What a fearsome Wookiee! Snoova is a bounty hunter in the Star Wars expanded universe. He appears in books and video games, and his reputation allows him to travel freely through the Empire. Chewbacca has even dressed like him when he needed a disguise. I wonder if we’ll get to see Snoova in one of the upcoming Star Wars movies?

Head on over to Flickr to view many more photos of mcm1015’s costume. Great job!

[mcm1015 via Fashionably Geek]

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Avengers Assemble in the Living Room

The Avengers have assembled! We have Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and Agent Coulson. Very nice! But I don’t know, it feels like this photo is missing something. Maybe a little Photoshop could help?

Ah yes, this is much better. 🙂

[via Reddit]

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