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Wiggles Wigs for Dogs

Wigs… for dogs? I’ve seen a lot of dog costumes in my day, but these high quality dog wigs are certainly unique. Wiggles is the brainchild of Ruth Regina, a wig master and makeup artist who’s worked in Hollywood for over 50 years.

Ruth started making professional-grade dog wigs just for fun, but it turns out her wigs are in high demand. She’s been on talk shows and the news, and now she devotes all her time to these canine wigs. Prices range from $30-$40. Visit her website to wig out on all her cute dog photos.


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Tablecloth Trick with Dog in Dragon Costume

Magician Mat Ricardo does the classic “yank the tablecloth” trick to a small dog in a dragon costume! The dog’s name is Mr. Piffles, and he is very brave. His master, also wearing a dragon costume, is none other than Piff the Magic Dragon. Looks like a fun show.

[via Boing Boing]

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Nuclear Plant Spoofs Star Trek

It’s another strange Star Trek parody, and this time, it’s nuclear. Footage has recently been uncovered of a 2010 employee video made by the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station in California.

It only cost $800 to make, but some people are upset at the power plant for creating this. The station has been shut down for safety reasons, so I guess some folks didn’t care for the light-hearted way they talk about safety.

Here’s a similar story from CNN.

And be sure to watch the more expensive, even more eyebrow-raising IRS version of Star Trek…. Live long and prosper!

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Gender Swapped Han and Leia Costumes

Here’s a great couples costume, spotted at the recent Phoenix Comicon 2013. She’s dressed as the rugged Han Solo, and he looks so lovely as Princess Leia. Ha, so awesome! These two were made for each other.

[via Reddit]

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Singing in a Box of Wine Costume

The talented Barbara Gray believes children are our future, and she sings all about it — while wearing a Box of Wine costume!

Great job! A nice way to set the mood before a 3-day weekend, don’t you think?

[via Barbara Gray]

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Street Performer is a Living Bronze Statue

It’s a statue? No, it’s a man in a costume! This performance artist entertains pedestrians on the streets of Chongqing, China. He’s got a really awesome bronze costume, and the makeup job is top notch. I bet he makes pretty good money in tips.

His makeup attract people’s attention!!
Real Good


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Miss Chewbacca Goes to Prom

Will you go to prom with me?

[via howaretheysingle]

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Little Dog Dressed as Jedi Knight

What a cute little Jedi. Honestly, I first thought this was an Ewok costume, but it’s definitely Jedi clothing. Are Ewoks allowed to become Jedi? Because this is what they would look like.

This was made by galliso2’s sister, who found a create source for her costumes. Her dog is small enough to fit the Teddy Bear costumes from Build a Bear. Cute and affordable, what a smart idea!

[via Reddit]

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