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The Adorable Adventures of Catman and Robin

Are you ready for the Adventures of Catman and Robin? This is too adorable. Megan McCormick of Buzzfeed dressed her kittens in little capes and put together an adorable little comic book story.

You know, for a sidekick, Robin’s a bit of a troublemaker, isn’t he? Head on over to Buzzfeed to read the whole story.

[Buzzfeed via Fashionably Geek]

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Cute Gallery of Dog Costumes

A praying mantis dog costume? A camel? Ha, so funny.

Costume Craze recently announced their new line of dog costumes. Most of them are wild animals (including a Clown Fish costume), and they have a few hilarious ones like the cha cha dancer and pop star costumes shown below. Cute stuff! It’s a good year to be a dog. 🙂 Head on over to Costume Craze to view them all.

[via Costume Craze]

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HUD FX from Iron Man 3

Talented graphic designer Johnny Likens shows off the work he did on Iron Man 3. A neat video, we see the beautiful HUD interface shown when Tony Stark is wearing the suit. Some fun clips from the movie, too. Man, this guy is really talented. Great work!

Marvel tasked us with designing all the elaborate 3D head-up displays (HUDs) – a virtual graphical interface that Iron Man sees from within the helmet environment of his armored suits that communicate essential data and statistics ranging from his physical condition to weapon and navigational diagnostics – While putting strong emphasis on the new ultra-high-tech Mark 42 suit, we also delivered upgraded HUDs to match the new suits seen in the film. It was great fun.

This is a process montage that was created to give some insight into the development and design thinking stages of the work I was specifically involved with on the film.

[Johnny Likens via Reddit]

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Armor Made of Vaseline

South Korean artist Jung-ki Beak creates helmets and body armor… made entirely out of Vaseline! Wow, these photos are bizarre. It’s a symbol of how Vaseline can protect the skin. Hmm, well I guess that makes sense, in a weird way. Very strange!

Every winter I need to apply Vaseline on my left-hand to prevent dryness, otherwise the skin becomes cracked because it is very thin and weak due to a burn that I got in my childhood. I make the armour as an art work as it is a symbol of protection, with Vaseline for the weak parts of the body such as head, hand and chest.

I thought that armour was suitable for representing the meaning of Vaseline as a function of protection.

[via Daily Mail]

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Awesome Modded Spider-Man Costume

Evan Jung took a cheap Spider-Man zentai suit and modded it into a truly amazing costume. He has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to tutorials, and he shows how he upgraded the eyes, mask, and webbing of the costume. It turned out really great!

He’ll be wearing this costume in his upcoming fan film, Spider-Man: Vigilante, which should start filming soon. To keep tabs on Evan’s work, you can visit The Spider-Man Project on Facebook. Well done, Sir!

[via Evan Jung & The Spider-Man Project]

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Silly Fight with Clown Costumes

It’s always a bad idea to get into a fight with a clown. Whenever you see one, you can be sure there are several more lurking nearby.

This is a funny scene from the movie Fat Pizza. Ha, I’ve never heard of this movie, it looks quite silly.

Big thanks to Walter for emailing me the link!

[via Daniel Biancardi]

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Awesome Ninja Turtle Stormtrooper Jedi Costume

Wow, this costume is a doozy. It’s an awesome Ninja Turtle/Stormtrooper costume! But he also has lightsabers, so I guess this is a Ninja Turtle Stormtrooper Jedi. What a fantastic costume.

This is cosplayer Thedarcy, and he deserves a round of applause. Here he is running around the Ottowa Comiccon 2013, posing with lots of other cosplayers. Head on over to Imgur to view his complete photo gallery. Excellent work, Sir!

[via Imgur & Reddit]

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Costume Fun on Chatroulette

It’s always a little risky to log on to Chatroulette, the website that lets you video chat with random strangers. You never know what to expect. This couple learned this the hard way, on the night Destiny brought them face to face with The Batman.

[via thefilmbusters]

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