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Patient Dog Wears Horse Mask

This gave me a good chuckle. A dog patiently poses in a funny horse mask, much to the delight of his humans. He looks great, actually. His fur is the perfect color for that mask.

[via Reddit]

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Amazing Cosplay of “The Kiss” Painting

These cosplayers recreate The Kiss, the famous painting by Gustav Klimt. Isn’t this lovely? You can compare it to the artwork below. Just perfect!

[Maibri via Fashionably Geek]

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New Images from Man of Steel

Are you getting excited for more Superman? This should help… here are some newly released images from the Man of Steel. We get good look at Superman’s costume, along with General Zod, Faora, and Jor-El. Wow, the Kryptons all look so cool. Can’t wait!

[via ComicBookMovie]

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Awesome Custom Sterling Archer Costume

Fans of the TV show Archer will appreciate this costume. Redditor Sirlaughalot5 has made a perfect replica of Sterling Archer’s suit. And it doesn’t simply look like Archer’s suit, oh no. He cleverly added lines and shading to the material, so it looks like a cartoon.

What a genius idea! Head on over to his Imgur gallery to view a large collection of in-progress photos and the completed suit. Great job, Sir!

[via Reddit]

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Cats Pose in Cardboard Costumes

If your cat won’t tolerate wearing a costume, this is the next best thing. Just draw the costume on cardboard, and cut out a hole. Ha, what a funny idea. These look great!

[via Laughing Squid]

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News Reporter Wears Full Wedding Gown

It’s not often you see a news reporter wearing a wedding dress. Doesn’t she look beautiful? Chen Ying was about to get married in China, when a sudden earthquake in Ya’an interrupted her plans. She’s a TV reporter, and instantly got to work. Now that’s dedication! Someone should give her a raise.

[via ITN & Today]

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Bagram Batman Promotes Safety in Afghanistan

It’s official: The US Army has hired Batman! In a join effort with the American Forces Network (AFN) Afghanistan, the Army has produced a series of public service announcements by the “Bagram Batman.” Batman teaches soldiers and civilians how to be safe while in Afghanistan.

I’m honestly not sure what to make of this, how strange.

[US Army via Yahoo News]

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Colorful Horse Costumes Perform in Grand Central

New Yorkers at Grand Central were recently treated to a performance of dancers in straw horse costumes. Artist Nick Cave teamed up with MTA Arts for Transit to put on “Herd” for one week only. Students from The Ailey School put on the interesting costumes and danced to percussion and harp music. Very interesting!

The horse suits are the latest incarnation of one of Nick Cave’s trademarks, the Soundsuit — a sculpture that exists on it own but can also be worn and danced in…. When not in use, the horse suits are arranged on sawhorses and corralled behind a fence, making for a colorful diversion during your commute.

[via Gothamist]

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