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Mascot World Record

It’s a costume world record! 142 people in mascot costumes recently gathered in Japan for a little synchronized dancing. How funny (and slightly creepy). They were rewarded for their efforts with an official Guinness World Record. Well done!

One hundred and forty one local mascots from across the country dance together for five minutes at Huis Ten Bosch, a waterfront resort and theme park, in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, on Jan. 27, 2013. Their dance was recognized as the world record by Guinness World Records in their third attempt.

[via WTF Japan]

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Excellent DIY Iron Man Costume

Check out this homemade Iron Man costume, made entirely from scratch. It lights up, too. Quite amazing! There’s a full gallery of in-progress shots posted on Imgur. It’s fun to see the costume come together in the final photos.

This was posted on Reddit by Mafferick who wanted to show off his friend’s work. Great job! Thanks for sharing.

[via Reddit & Imgur]

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Original: Jules Léotard’s Leotard

Who do we have to thank for the leotard? Jules Léotard, of course! Here’s the man himself, posing in his special trapeze costume. He was famous for being the first trapeze artist, back in the mid 1800’s. Who would have thought that his skin-tight suit would become even more famous than the man himself?

Known as the first man to fly on a trapeze (he inspired the 1867 song “The Daring Young Man on the Fying Trapeze”), French gymnast Jules Léotard abandoned a career in law to become a professional acrobat. Unsurprisingly, he was constantly on the hunt for practical performance gear. His skintight, one-piece was originally referred to as a maillot, or bathing suit.

[Details via Laughing Squid]

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Artist Draws Costumes Designed by Little Girls

Artist Alex Law has started a project on Tumblr, where he draws costumes designed by little girls. He’ll find a photo of a young girl in a custom superhero costume, then post it side by side with his drawing. Really neat! Follow the link to view more fun drawings.

One of the main reasons I like these girls’ costumes is because of how simple they are. Often times when artists want to re-design female superheroes to be less sex-objecty they end up changing a bunch of unnecessary stuff. It doesn’t have to be like that…

Kids are more impressionable than you, but kids can also be less restricted by cultural gender norms than you. Kids are more creative than you, and they’re better at making superheroes than you.

[bettersupes via Boing Boing]

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Colorful Tomato Hairstyle

This hairstyle definitely gets your attention, wow. Proving once again that nobody can top Japan’s hipster youth, this colorful tomato style looks really amazing. Think this will catch on in America?

The style is called “Ripe Tomato” (“kanjuku tomato” or 完熟トマト). It was done by a stylist named “Hiro” at an Osaka salon called “Trick Store”, which is located the city’s hipster youth district, Amemura.

[Kotaku via Fashionably Geek]

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Creepy Old Photo of The Wombles Costumes

Here’s a creepy costume photo taken in the early 1970’s. Adults in giant rat costumes pose with Redditor Pickengrin when he was a child.

Did I just call them giant rats? Sorry, no, these are actually The Wombles, characters from a popular British show that from from 1968-1976. Watch a clip of the show below.

[via Reddit]

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Robot from Recycled Parts

Check out the latest costume from Peter Kokis of Brooklyn RobotWorks! He’s well known in the New York area for his amazing Transformers, Terminator, and Robot costumes made out of ordinary household items.

His latest costume is called the “Brooklyn Mechanical Robot.” Isn’t it a beauty? It’s made with modular parts, so he can swap out the arms, legs and shoulders with various models. The head of the robot is based ‘Gort’ from the original The Day The Earth Stood Still. And yes, his mouth-speaker is an egg slicer!

Amazing work, as always, Peter. Great job!

via Brooklyn RobotWorks:

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Infographic: The Many Armours of Iron Man

Have you ever wondered just how many different Iron Man suits belong to Tony Stark? Take a look at this detailed infographic made by Quiz Factor, to celebrate the arrival of Iron Man 3.

There’s so much detail and information, I’m impressed! Be sure to click the above image to view full size. Warning: The file is HUGE, but it’s fun to see in high res.

[via Quiz Factor]

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