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Baby Ape Raised by Humans in Gorilla Costumes

Don’t you just love baby animals? This story is so cute. Gladys the 8-week-old baby gorilla is being raised by zoo workers in gorilla costumes! Gladys was rejected by her mom, so the Cincinnati zoo is giving her a new family. The zoo workers take turns wearing a gorilla costume, as they give Gladys love and train her for the wild. Hopefully she will be adopted by one of the zoo’s other gorillas and live a happy gorilla life.

For a slightly different take, here’s WCPO’s version of the story.

[via USA Today]

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GameSpot Cosplay Video from PAX East 2013

PAX East recently wrapped up in Boston, MA. The gaming convention ran from March 22-24, 2013, and GameSpot was on the scene to admire all the cosplay.

Tom and Kelly walk the floor searching for costumes, and interview several cosplayers. Very nice, definitely worth a look!

[via GameSpot]

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William Shatner Fights Costumed Enemy

The 82-year-old William Shatner is back fighting the Gorn, in this funny commercial for the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness video game. I wonder where they got the Gorn costume? I want one!

It’s so great that Shatner would poke fun of himself and make this commercial. His fight with the Gorn on the original Star Trek is widely panned as the worst fight scene ever. Watch the original clip below!

[via Trek Movie]

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Two Bears Meet at the Zoo

Funny things can happen when you go to the zoo wearing a bear costume. This photo is too adorable, as a big bear says hello to a curious young one.

“How did you get out of the cage?” the bear asks.

[Minnesota Zoo via Huffington Post]

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Michonne Cosplay from The Walking Dead

It’s a young Michonne, from The Walking Dead! And she has her pet zombie, too. This is such excellent cosplay. Fantastic job!

On the show, Michonne wields a katana, and keeps pet zombies to help her navigate through the Walkers. She cuts off their arms so they can’t grab her, and she removes their teeth, too. Pretty crazy! She’s such a great character.

[via Fashionably Geek]

Bonus video! Here’s a scene of Michonne from The Walking Dead. Warning, zombie gore.

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Clever Jack Torrance Costume from ‘The Shining’

Here’s Johnny! Check out this simple, yet very effective Jack Torrance costume from The Shining. The costume nicely recreates the icon scene of Jack breaking down the door. He’s got the right shirt, and the axe, too. Very clever!

[via GeekTyrant]

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Couple Uses Star Trek Costumes to Announce their Baby

What a creative way to announce the next generation… a Star Trek baby announcement! That’s a very nice little Star Trek costume. Very cute and clever.

Congrats to the family!

[via Neatorama]

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Vintage Homemade Batman and Robin Costumes

It’s the Dynamic Duo, sporting awesome homemade costumes from the 70’s. Ha, I love that Batman mask.

This old photo was recently shared by mrgadlfly2u. His mom deserves a round of applause, she did a great job on these costumes. Well done!

[via Reddit]

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