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Rolling Rock Spartan Costume

Behold, the Rolling Rock Spartan! It’s a very well done suit of armor, made by Yunk28. He wanted to combine his love of armor with his love of Rolling Rock. Fantastic job! I really like the accessories, too: Helmet, sword, shield– even sandals!

Read the tutorial on Instructables, if you’d like to try to make your own.

For the torso armor I cut the boxes into diamond pieces and attached them together using twist ties. I attached the pieces to make a chain-mail type armor that is form fitting to my body and made it easier to move around. Each piece I also covered in crystal clear packing tape to make it water resistant…

[via Instructables]

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Snake Wears a Custom Sweater

Take a look at this snake wearing a pink sweater. Very nice! Stephanie wanted to keep Milky Joe warm, so she commissioned this sweater for him. What a thoughtful thing to do.

Watch the video below for a live demo of Milky Joe in action. Or rather, lack of action. 🙂 At least we get a nice look at the sweater.

I commissioned unicorngirl to knit a sweater for my snake Milky Joe!
just got it in the mail. so exciting.

[Rising Tensions via Neatorama]

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Nyan Cat Princess Costume

It doesn’t get much cuter than this Nyan Cat princess costume. She’s got the cat ears (and nose), pop-tart shirt, and rainbow skirt. So adorable. Something tells me these would sell like hotcakes on Etsy. Great job!

[via Fashionably Geek]

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Iron Man 3 Costumes Reveal Pepper Potts Spoiler

Here’s a look at the new Iron Man 3 costumes, officially licensed by Marvel!

Fair warning: The following link reveals a bit of a spoiler. Because along with a look at Tony Stark’s Mark 42 armor, and the Iron Patriot suit — there’s a big surprise involving Pepper Potts. Follow the link to see the costumes!

[via Costume Craze]

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More Harlem Shake Costume Fun

The Harlem Shake refuses to quit! This is a good thing, as I can’t stop watching these. Naturally, my favorites are the ones that feature lots of costumes.

Here’s a couple costume-filled Harlem Shake videos that caught my eye. The first is made by Quench Gum, and the second by video game developer PopCap. Very well done!

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Crocheted USB Flash Drive Slippers

Here’s a fun bit of geek fashion… USB flash drive slippers! What a fun idea. Etsy seller UniquePcrochet is selling these for $40.00 each. Or if you’re skilled enough to crochet your own, here’s a free pattern you can download.

[UniquePcrochet via Fashionably Geek]

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Gender Bending Slave Leo Costume

Cosplayer Ryan of Mad Art Lab thought it would be fun to make a gender bending Slave Leia costume to wear conventions this year. So, he made this fantastic Slave Leo costume, which is actually extremely authentic.

What began as a fun idea turned into a challenging journey, as Ryan faced his fears, shattered his comfort zone, and gave up his pride as he took on one of the most iconic costumes in pop culture.

Be sure to read his article on Madartlab. Along with many more photos, it’s an interesting read about the struggles he faced while making this costume.

[madartlab via Boing Boing]

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Fashionable Scarf is a Giant Slice of Pizza

This unusual scarf looks like a giant slice of pizza! Is it lunchtime yet? Looks delicious.

This tasty slice of fashion is made by RaspberriesAndRum and is for sale on Etsy. List price is $70.00, but the store is currently offering 10% off with coupon code GRANDOPENING.


[via Laughing Squid]

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