Peter Kokis and his Transformers Costume

Big congratulations to Peter Kokis for being featured by the NY Daily News! He’s famous in the Brooklyn area for making awesome robot costumes out of ordinary household items, and I’ve posted his costumes many times over the last few years.

This feature focuses on Peter’s “Brooklyn Bumblebee” Transformers costume. Watch as he suits up and talks about how he made the costume. Wow, that costume is soooo impressive!

Peter sent me an email about the Bumblebee costume, and I’ll share his words here. Congrats, Sir! Thanks for the email, and please keep us updated on your future costume endeavors!

Brooklyn Bumblebee: he was my second exoskeleton, currently on his 3rd version, a total of nearly 400 hours’ work and with a weight of 146 lbs., and like all my ‘bots he’s made from ordinary & readily-available household, hardware, discount store, and sporting goods items…stuff we all have in our homes and use everyday but never pay attention to. My latest robot is Brooklyn Starscream, the evil Decepticon, and I’ll have photos of him for you soon. I’m also working on an Alien xenomorph, my first non-robot.

[via Brooklyn RobotWorks]

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