Awesome Custom Aquaman Costume

Check out this awesome Aquaman costume — well armor, really. This is a nearly completed project by Malmey Studios. They are high-end custom costume designers, creating “high quality movie props and custom made costumes as well as other types of fine Art.”

This costume certainly looks movie quality. Now I really want an Aquaman movie! Do keep an eye on their blog, as the final version of the costume should be debuted soon.

First off we Like the scaled shirt of “Classic and current Aquaman and wanted to keep that, We also wanted to bring the Scales down into the legs but not to much, we don’t want him looking like a Merman. You will notice the Left arm is not scaled, we wanted it to have Armor on that arm as I think we will also do a gauntlet on this same arm. We added a tribal type Shark to the Left armor just to give it that royal Atlantis feel. The Scales will run down the Right arm as we like the idea of the skin being covered. You will also notice we went this an armor rather than an organic look. I’m a huge fan of the New 52 and like the look of the armor, I feel it brings a little more mortality to the situation. Even If I could talk to sharks i would not do in in my PJ’s.

[Malmey Studios via MTV Geek]

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3 Responses to Awesome Custom Aquaman Costume

  1. MadFacedKid says:

    Looks great and would be awesome to see in a Aquaman movie 🙂

  2. Tommy says:

    Would you consider selling this costume my mail is thanks T.

  3. Tommy says:

    Love it

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