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Cheshire Cat and Alice Combo Costume

When one costume isn’t enough… Here’s a half and half combo costume of Alice in Wonderland and the Cheshire Cat. Very cute and well done. Looks very time consuming, I wonder what inspired her to make this.

Half and half costumes usually highlight an obvious duality — such as woman/man, or demon/angel, etc., so I’m not sure what an Alice/Cat duality is supposed to represent. But nevertheless, I like it. 🙂

[via costume-works]

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Fashionable Dog Poses in Menswear

There’s a new fashion-focused Tumblr site that’s been creating quite a buzz on the Web these last few days. Behold the Menswear Dog! The website is dedicated entirely to photos of an adorable Shiba Inu wearing designer clothing.

This a creation of David Fung, a graphic designer, and his fashion-designer girlfriend, Yena Kim. They first dressed up Bodhi the Dog as a joke, but after overwhelming response on Facebook, they decided to make a serious go of it. Sounds like a fun project, and I wish them the best of luck.

[mensweardog via thedailybeast]

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Peter Kokis and his Transformers Costume

Big congratulations to Peter Kokis for being featured by the NY Daily News! He’s famous in the Brooklyn area for making awesome robot costumes out of ordinary household items, and I’ve posted his costumes many times over the last few years.

This feature focuses on Peter’s “Brooklyn Bumblebee” Transformers costume. Watch as he suits up and talks about how he made the costume. Wow, that costume is soooo impressive!

Peter sent me an email about the Bumblebee costume, and I’ll share his words here. Congrats, Sir! Thanks for the email, and please keep us updated on your future costume endeavors!

Brooklyn Bumblebee: he was my second exoskeleton, currently on his 3rd version, a total of nearly 400 hours’ work and with a weight of 146 lbs., and like all my ‘bots he’s made from ordinary & readily-available household, hardware, discount store, and sporting goods items…stuff we all have in our homes and use everyday but never pay attention to. My latest robot is Brooklyn Starscream, the evil Decepticon, and I’ll have photos of him for you soon. I’m also working on an Alien xenomorph, my first non-robot.

[via Brooklyn RobotWorks]

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DIY High Tech Animated Demon Costume

Here’s a super cool high tech animated demon costume. Wow, this is really amazing! Adafruit posted a tutorial on YouTube that shows you how to make one..

He uses LED lights to animate the demon’s eyes and mouth. A built-in voice changer turns him into a scary sounding techno-demon. Well, this is just the coolest thing ever. Very creative!

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Dressing Up a Dinosaur Statue in Costumes

Meet Doug, the costume-loving T-Rex lawn statue! Ha, this is great. These people have an actual giant T-Rex statue in their yard, and they dress it up in various costumes, much to the delight of neighbors. What a great way to put smiles on people’s faces.

These photos were posted by sarcasticonomist on Reddit. I would love to know where that got the dinosaur. Amazon sells big statues for $8500, but it’s not the same kind and doesn’t look quite as cool.

Become a fan of Doug on Facebook, and stay up to date on his latest costumes:

[via Reddit]

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Teenager Builds Amazing Iron Man Costume

Check out this Iron Man costume, made by 16-year-old Jackson from Montana. He’s become pretty famous, and the children in his hometown love it when he makes appearances in the suit. It’s fun to be a local costume celebrity.

Studio Reddd was kind enough to shoot a short documentary about Jackson. We learn how he made the suit, and we get to see the costume in action. Amazing work, Jackson!

[via Kotaku]

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Awesome Alice in Wonderland Wedding Photoshoot

Check out this amazing Alice in Wonderland wedding photo shoot. Not only did the wedding couple wear outstanding Mad Hatter and Alice costumes, but they reenacted scenes from the story. Credit goes to photographer Lauren Brimhall for designing the perfect Wonderland set and the shooting the incredible photos.

Visit Fashionably Geek to view more photos from Wonderland!

[Lauren Brimhall Photography via Fashionably Geek]

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Funny Electric Plug Costume

Here’s an interesting and funny costume… someone puts on a cardboard electric plug costume, and is shown plugging into a wall. Hah, what? I’m trying to wrap my head around this photo. Which came first, the costume or the holes in the wall? Is this some kind of art exhibit? So many important questions.

[via Poorly Dressed]

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