Yaya Han Cosplays Her Own Artistic Likeness

I love the story behind this Gothic Princess cosplay by Yaya Han. She cosplays herself, in a round about way.

Artist Nene Thomas used Yaya’s likeness to draw the artwork below. It’s a beautiful drawing, indeed. Well, then Yaya Han made a costume based on the drawing and cosplayed her own likeness! How cool is that! It’s the perfect time to say, “The circle is now complete.” Well done!

Gothic Princess – costume based off of Nene Thomas Illustrations, Inc. artwork, for which I was the model. I know, it sounds weird, but Nene used my likeness for a piece of art, then I cosplayed it lol. Costume and wings made & modeled by Yaya Han, photographed by Stuart Townsley.

[via Yaya Han on Facebook & Nene Thomas Illustrations, Inc.]

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