Mind Blowing Custom Hulk Costume

This is definitely the best Hulk costume I’ve ever seen. This won the RPF’s 2012 Halloween contest, and with good reason. Totally, completely mindblowing.

This costume is work of Biopredator, a well known costumer and member of the Replica Prop Forum. It took him 120 hours and $600 to make this costume.

I encourage you to read his post, it’s full of many more in-progress photos, Avengers group shots, and a complete tutorial on how he made it. I found it a fascinating read. Stunning work, Sir, and congratulations on winning the contest!

I’ve made some creative Halloween costumes over the years but nothing as elaborate as the Hulk Costume I just built. It all started last month when my brothers talked me into making a Hulk Costume so we could be the Avengers for Halloween this year so I started on the build early last month. Read More…

[via therpf]

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4 Responses to Mind Blowing Custom Hulk Costume

  1. Ricky says:

    Is it for sale??

  2. Monda says:

    Hi, I really love the Hulk costume for my son’s birthday I would like to hire Hulk costume how can I hire one please help me make my son happy.

  3. Jack Vizzard says:

    Can I buy the hulk costume? I am desperate for my sons 5th birthday this saturday. All the party shops sell really poor versions.



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