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Krispy Kreme Raps about Christmas

Rap sensation Krispy Kreme released a new music video! This time he pays tribute to Christmas and his gift wish list. Plus, Money Maker Mike is dressed as Santa. Well done, Sirs.

[via Krispy Kreme]

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Tortoise Wears a Flying Saucer Costume

Check out the slowest moving flying saucer you’ll ever see. This is Frankie the Tortoise, and he’s got a great looking costume! This was made by his clever owner Greg Christenson.

Watch Frankie in action below!

[via Neatorama]

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Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Wine Bottles?

‘Tis the season for ugly Christmas sweaters, but this year it includes… wine bottles? LOL, what a strange yet novel idea. Online cooking retailer Sur La Table wants you to dress up your wine bottle in it’s very own ugly sweater. It comes in red or green. For only $12 each, I guess this makes for a funny gag gift. Ho Ho Ho!

Festive, fun and oh so ugly, these wine bottle outfits were crafted exclusively for Sur La Table and for you. Multi-colored pom poms and metallic streamers dazzle. Decorate your favorite holiday vintages for serving at home, or present with a bottle for a hostess, workplace or holiday gift. And have a very ugly Christmas!

[Sur La Table via Laughing Squid]

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Chad Vader

Good old Chad Vader is back with a new episode of grocery store mayhem. Being a day shift manager isn’t easy. This is a funny episode with horse masks, singing and a few tears. Enjoy!

[via BlameSocietyFilms]

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Stay Puft Marshmallow Baby Costume

It’s the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man-Baby! Ha, what a great photo. Writer/Producer Dan Milano staged a famous scene from Ghostbusters using action figures and a wonderful Stay Puft Marshmallow costume for his baby daughter. This is beyond cute, great job!

[via Laughing Squid]

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Knitted Pom Pom and Mohawk Hats for Cats

Here’s a fun way to keep your cat warm this winter. Etsy seller bitchknits makes a collection of adorable knitted cat hats. The hats come with a pom pom, or you can choose the Mohawk style. Each hat is only $13.00. A great stocking stuffer!

[via bitchknits on Etsy]

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Mother Dresses Up Dog in Costume Every Friday

Redditor Rcrowley32 knows how to have fun with costumes. Every week, she dresses up their dog in a costume, then puts a surprise picture in her kids’ Friday lunchboxes. What an awesome idea, I bet the children love it.

Most recently, she dressed the dog in the kids’ school uniform (shown above). What a pretty lady. Last week, she went all out with a pilgrim dog costume, complete with bonnet. I’m so impressed!

If you want to keep tabs on her future costumes, keep an eye on this subreddit. Rcrowley32 has promised to update new photos every Friday.

[via Reddit]

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Knitted Turkey Hat

Now here’s a stylish way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Check out this knitted hat, available from Fred Flare for $30. It looks warm, and I really like the little drumsticks.

This hilarious hat is so cute we just want to gobble gobble it up. Textured acrylic knit features tasty-looking drumsticks on each side for a super realistic effect. Add some humor to your Thanksgiving dinner by showing up in this memorable hat and just hope you don’t run out of real drumsticks…

Have a very happy Thanksgiving!

[FredFlare via Geek Alerts]

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