Halloween in Perth, Australia

Long time MD commenter and pal Courtney Coombs dropped me a note about her Halloween in Perth, Australia. Apparently the holiday is becoming much more popular there. That’s great to hear!

Courtney wore two costumes over for Halloween. She made a Ghostbusters costume, and also an upgraded version of her impressive Maleficent costume from Sleeping Beauty. She took a lot of great costume photos of her Halloween celebration. I’ve posted a few below, but head on over to her Flickr Gallery to view them all.

Here’s how Courtney celebrated Halloween:

On Halloween night itself I was a Ghostbuster and I had my friends over to watch Ghostbusters and Buckaroo Banzai, it was a good turnout for the middle of the week. We even had a decent number of trick or treaters (the holiday is starting to become popular in Perth).

Saturday night the Paramount Nightclub and Northbridge Piazza had a huge event planned, unfortunately most of the weekend was stormy, but they still had Dia De Los Muertos stalls selling food and skulls and other trinkets, most of the people running the event actually came over from Mexico so everything was really authentic. They also had custom painted Halloween themed cadillacs on display and they screened Interview with a Vampire and Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Later on there was a ball in the Paramount which I attended in my improved Maleficent costume, complete with leather head dress. There were plenty of brilliant costumes, live performances, face painting and a steampunk blimp.
I spent most of the night talking to the WA Ghostbusters and by the next day I was an official member!

Sunday afternoon was still patchy weather, but the Piazza was screening Ghostbusters and we were going to stay no matter what. We got a pretty decent crowd and the reception was good, it didn’t even rain during the movie at all, it got a bit chilly once the sun went down but thankfully the cafe next door served my favourite, chai latte.

Overall, a fantastic and full-on Halloween weekend, but that only means I’ll have to top it next year.

Awesome costumes, Courtney. And what a fun time, thanks so much for sharing! Can’t wait to see what you do next year. 🙂

[via Courtney Coombs on Flickr]

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