Lollipop King Costume from South Park

It’s the Lollipop King from South Park! This photo by sonticus was taken a few years ago at a comic convention, but I’m not sure which one.

South Park is getting sued over this character, and I thought it would be fun to show the costume. According to MSN, a man name Exavier Wardlaw claims to have invented the Lollipop King for a show no one’s heard of called The Lollipop Forest. He demands that Trey Parker and Matt Stone remove all references to the Lollipop King.

You can watch a snippet of Wardlaw’s show below. Hmm, something tells me he won’t be winning this lawsuit.

[MSN. Costume Photo by sonticus.]

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  1. dance commander says:

    Awesome, thanks for putting the picture up. It was Comic-Con 2009. I’m actually the one that made the costume for my friend to wear.

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