Awesome Teacher Wears Costumes for History Lessons

This teacher deserves a pat on the back and a big raise. David Perkins, a teacher in Newport, Wales, uses wigs and costumes to teach history to his students. He makes videos dressed as a famous historical figure, then posts them on YouTube as a history lesson.

Boy, I wish my teachers had done that, sounds so fun.

David said: “I just wanted to try a new way of presenting history and what better than YouTube?

“The kids love to see teachers making fun of themselves and they just seem more receptive – it’s had a really good reaction.”
David and a friend used his mobile phone and a simple app to film and edit the five-minutes clips at his home in Newport.

Costumes were made by his freelance fashion designer girlfriend Carley Jones along with a few cheap wigs brought from supermarkets and second-hand shops.

Bravo, Mr. Perkins! You are making the world a better place.

[via Wales Online]

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